Autobiography of a Pen – Short Essay

I’m a fountain pen .I’m writing my autobiography. I need to be filled again after a month. I hope you will enjoy my story. Let’s take you back when I was manufactured.

Initial Life:
My name is Baker. I was born many years ago in a pen making factory. My colour is red and golden. I was then transferred to the pen shop where many people came and glanced at me. During this time a writer came in the shop and he bought me. He bought me for 200 rupees. I was among his favourite pen.

He was always pleased with me whenever he used me. It made me always happy and glad. I always put my best effort to complete his task on time. He used me to write his famous stories and poems. Then these are taken to the printing press club and then it was printed in a form of a book. In this way writer gets money through me. I was the reason behind his emotions and thoughts. This is the way my written knowledge spread from one generation to another.

Kind writer:
I love my owner. He takes care of me to a great extent and I never had a scratch. He bought a cover for me and always place me in a case after using it. I’m happy that I’m the reason for the change in the mind-set of the people. Civilizations and culture are passed and saved by the pens around the world. We play a huge role in the characterization of the human history. It is very rightly said: ‘pen is mightier than sword’.

The book for which my writer used me for writing had also won the award. After coming home he kissed me. It made me feel pride. In the end I like to share that always use me and other pens for writing the positive thoughts and not the rebellion ideas. It will make us bad in history. Always spread love for others. Now I’m having m last days in a silent and calm room of my owner. I’m very happy with my life. My last wish is to write more good stuff.

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