My Family – Short Essay

The family is an integral part of our life. And, my family is very unique. One of its kind. It’s a huge family and there are a variety of people. Having a family is really a blessing as, each family member has full support and backup of the whole family, which makes life a lot easier.

In this modern world, where nobody cares for each other, and nobody pays heed to what others are doing, it’s really important to have a good family to turn to in times of loneliness and forlornness.

My family helps me come out of depressing and stressful thoughts which I have because of the constant pressure of studies and work. They give up all their self-interests, just to listen about my boring and tedious life. They placate me all the time. They make me feel good whenever I am down. They are a real boon in my life. Without them, I can’t even imagine where I would have been. When I fall sick, they never leave me for a moment. They stay with me and cosset for me. They celebrate my every feat like it is their own. They are happy in my happiness. And, whenever something bothers me, and I feel sad, they also become uneasy and try to make me happy in any way possible. They are very hilarious. They never let me feel tensed and pressurized and they constantly entertain me without any real benefit reciprocated to them. They are very selfless and, they fulfill all my needs though I demand very excessively and, even out of control. They never say ‘no’ to me for anything. I really enamor them and, I wish I would be able to pay gratitude to them but, I have no power for that. Their goodness is way more than my gratitude.

I greatly revere my family, and I hope all families be like this so that our country can become a better place to live. At last, I would say that I and my family are workers. We all work in the kingdom of love so that it may raise. And there may be only one rule. The rule of love.

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