Youtube Advantages and Disadvantages | What is Youtube? Advantages and Disadvantages of Youtube

Youtube Advantages and Disadvantages: Youtube is a social media platform to share videos online. This platform is only for sharing videos with any content that can be informative or just for fun. This is owned by Google and is totally free to upload any video. People are free to share the content of their own choice and can also able to search or watch other videos too. we can like, share, and can give comments to any videos. This platform can give a chance to people to connect personally and also allow them to earn some revenue. For every age of people have something to watch for information or just to enjoy the content. But like every social media platform, it also comes with some limitations and drawbacks.

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What is Youtube? Youtube Advantages and Disadvantages 2022

Youtube is an online free video-sharing social media platform by Google. It was launched on February 14, 2005. The founder of youtube is Steve Chen, Chad hurley, and Javed Karim and the first-ever video shared on youtube was by Javed Karim. Youtube is a platform where people can upload videos and also can like, share, comment, follow and make their own channel, and subscribe also. This is one of the most used media and people can use it on their mobile phones and laptops. Youtube is the easiest way to upload videos online and watch videos with almost every type of content. We can share videos of any content like facts, cooking, daily vlogging, or totally study material. There is no limitation on the size or content of the video and also we can search for any type of video.

Making money is possible on youtube, people should upload great content to get more followers or views that help in making their videos or channel get monetized. By this, they get corporate sponsorship from brands, and advertisement revenue is added to their account. If the idea of the videos is presented properly then they can also get fan funding and merchandise sales.

There are many types of videos/channels are uploaded such as;

  • Educational channels
  • Vlogging channels
  • Photography channels
  • Tech channels
  • Fitness channels
  • Comedy channels
  • Gaming channels
  • Kids videos channel
  • Political or news channel
  • Makeup/ styling channel
  • Reviews channel
  • Cooking channel
  • Dance, music, and acting channel

There are basically two to open youtube accounts, one is a personnel account which can be used for uploading personal content of any type but another account you can open is Businesses account from where we can use it to manage multiple youtube channels for various brands from a single dashboard. We can also download and go live on youtube. There are several ways youtube can be helpful for us but it has some limitations also.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Youtube 2

Youtube Advantages

There are many advantages of youtube

Free of cost: Uploading videos and sharing content is free on youtube. There is no single money is used for uploading any video or making any channel. Liking any video, sharing video, and following any channel will not cost you. If you want a video without any advertisement played then you have an option that is recently added on youtube is a premium subscription in this we have to pay some amount for youtube premium to subscribe to see videos without any advertisement. This is totally optional and we can see all videos without paying anything. Thus this makes youtube gain more viewers and makes youtube a highly used social media site.

A simple way to share: Youtube is easy to use and also easy to share. Sharing a huge amount of informative videos is very easy and can be shared in an interesting and entertaining way. Not only we can share videos but we can use methods like polling or post updates which make it more entertaining. For this, any special training or technical skills is not required. We can easily make entertaining videos like music, videos, animation, etc.

Can earn money: Videos shared on youtube can also be a great way of earning revenue. By making interesting videos many viewers are attracted which is needed for monetization of the channel that gives a place for earning some money. Many brands and businesses attract to the channels which have more viewers and they give money for playing advertisements or directly endorsing brands by the vloggers. Youtube is a great source for earning if learn how to make great videos which are helpful in attracting brands business. For monetization, the rule is to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours of videos are needed. After this, anyone can start earning.

Can connect more audience: This is one of the best ways to connect with people worldwide and can share their thoughts, videos, and different content that can easily get to reach people in vast quantities. For those who want to convey any message to a wide audience, it is easily possible on this platform as after google, youtube is the second-highest viewed social site. It is also reached to remote areas and helps to share any content.

Disadvantages of Youtube

There are some disadvantages of youtube

Vulgarity: There are many videos on youtube that have good content but are due to diversity and easy access many people misuse the platform and share inappropriate content. Due to this reason, it is not good for children to be used without parents. There is no proper guideline to upload any content which is not good for people to watch under a particular age.

Bullying and defamation: This platform is sometimes also misused for trolling and defaming others. It is easy to make videos on a celebrity or any person that is famous and defame them unnecessarily and also sometimes people intentionally put comments that troll them. This type of video is easily available and also gets more views so it is intentionally also made to get the audience.

Earning money is difficult: Uploading video is easy on youtube and also sharing any content but gaining audience and views is not easy. Shortage of views and subscribers can affect monetization and thus affect earnings.

Too much distraction: Over millions of videos are uploaded on youtube every minute. By this, it becomes easy to get distracted by watching continuously videos unnecessarily. Because randomly videos are shown and popped.

Comparison Table on Youtube Advantages and Disadvantages

Free of cost serviceInappropriate content also uploaded
Easy to use the serviceBullying and defamation is easily done
Good source to earn revenueLittle difficult to start earning
Can connect with a wide audienceNot easy to concentrate on a single topic
Also used by students for educational videosNeeds parental control set up

Advantages and Disadvantages of Youtube 1

FAQs on Youtube Advantages and Disadvantages

Question 1.

What is Youtube? What is it used for?


Youtube is a free social networking site that allows sharing videos worldwide.

We can upload any type of video such as educational, funny, or any content that to free of cost.

It is used to share thoughts, information, and entertainment all over the world.

Question 2.

How can we earn money from youtube?


You can make a channel on youtube and upload interesting videos, after that you have to look for 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views to get the channel monetized. Then after monetization, you start getting some earnings through advertisement of various brands on the channel and get more earnings through direct branding on videos.

Question 3.

What are the drawbacks of using youtube?


On youtube, it is not that easy to earn money but impossible. Youtube is an easy platform for people who wants to defame someone and troll others by making inappropriate videos or just putting bad comments.

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