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Conversation Between Teacher and Student: A general discussion on the conversation between teacher and student has been given here in this article. The topic for conversation between student and teacher could be anything such as related to future, exams, any subject, coming late to the class, being a good or poor performer in the class, regarding homework, etc. The goal of the conversation is to communicate. The use of communication is to unite with others. Our relationship with others can happen without conversation and often talk can stop with the attachment.

Conversation Between Student and Teacher About Future

Teacher: What are you planning to do after passing your matric?

Student: Sir, it would depend on what marks I get.

Teacher: Ok, so what have you planned if you secured good marks in matric?

Student: I will haunt pre-medical groups in F.S.C. Otherwise, I shall join I.C.S.

Teacher: Why did you deem medical groups?

Student: I think that several people die due to inadequate medical aid. They cannot afford substantial medical costs. I shall help them without exerting any charges.

Teacher: Your statements are false because each student shows pity first, but does not work upon his promise and grows materialistic.

Student: I would not be in that evil group. My grandmother was very ill, and we could not get here appropriately treated because we were destitute. My purpose in life is to be a doctor, and I shall serve the people as a good citizen and help the needy free of cost.

Teacher: Ok, then. Hope You will get succeeded in your life.

Student: Thank you, sir.

Conversation Between Teacher and Student

Conversation Between Student and Teacher After a Long Time

Teacher: Good Morning Students!

Student: Good Morning, Teacher!

Teacher: How were the holidays? Did you have a nice time?

Student: Yeah! It was fantastic Madam; I went to Jammu and Kashmir with my family.

Teacher: That’s excellent. So you have to write about your vacation to Jammu and Kashmir.

Student: Sure Madam.

Teacher: I hope you gave some time to your studies during your vacation.

Student: Yes Madam, I would dedicate one hour to my studies.

Teacher: That’s good, have you finished the work which I had asked you to do?

Student: I nearly finished it; however, I am facing a problem in understanding a few concepts.

Teacher: Let me know which area needs more explanation?

Student: In the last session, you taught me Adjectives. I have found that few adjectives are ending with ‘ed’ and few of them finishing with ‘ing’, but I am incapable know which Adjective is used at what place?

Teacher: The ‘ed’ adjectives are used to define our feelings and ‘ing’ adjectives represent the property of a person or a thing.

Student: So, when I say, I am confused, is it correct?

Teacher: No, Confused is the word because if it’s your feeling, then you need to add ‘ed’ to confuse and it becomes your feeling.

Student: Now I have learned, thank you so much, Madam.

Teacher: You are always welcome.

Conversation Between Student and Teacher About Exam Preparation

Teacher: Hello, Rohan. Have you started preparing for the exam?

Rohan: No Sir. I will start from tomorrow onward.

Teacher: The exam is too near Rohan. Do you remember your marks in the last exam.? It would be best if you improved this time and why are you still saying tomorrow.

Rohan: I will study from today, Sir.

Teacher: You don’t look like interested still.

Rohan: Sir, actually maths is too tough for me. I think I have to upgrade my basics. Otherwise, I couldn’t study well alone. That’s why I’m still confused.

Teacher: why you haven’t told me this before. I would have helped you before. And now you don’t worry. I will help you with the basics. Come to the office evening at 4 o’clock after class and tell your friends also that I am going to take a class for Maths and ask them to come if they are interested.

Rohan: thank you so much, Sir.

Teacher: You are welcome and it’s my duty.

A Conversation Between Student and Teacher About Not Doing Homework

Teacher: (With anger) Why you have not completed your homework?

Student: Sir, I had a critical headache yesterday after I left home from school.

Teacher: Do not lie to me.

Student: No, Sir, I am not lying.

Teacher: May I contact your parents and tell them about this?

Student: No, Sir. (students speak with low sound). Please don’t say to my parents.

Teacher: Then, when will you do the homework properly?

Student: Sir, from now onwards I will finish it without any obstruct.

Teacher: if you have any difficulties regarding homework, ask me, and I will clarify your doubts.

Student: Ok sir, I will ask my doubts from now.

Teacher: And do not repeat this. Is it clear?

Student: Yes, Sir, I will not repeat this.

FAQ’s on Conversation Between Teacher and Student

Question 1.

What is a simple conversation?


A conversation is when two or more people talk about something. It is natural, usually unplanned, though the people may have concerns in common. Conversations are one of the primary types of human communication.

Question 2.

How can I be a good student dialogue?


  1. Perform well at school.
  2. Be obedient.
  3. Speak in English
  4. Always be present in the class.
  5. Do the homework regularly.
  6. Cultivate self-discipline.
  7. Maintain your time.

Question 3.

What is teacher talk time?


Teacher talk time (TTT) is the time spent by the teachers talking in class, rather than students. One key component of many contemporary procedures is to decrease the amount of TTT as much as possible, to allow students opportunities to talk, and learn from talking.

Question 4.

What is a conversation with an example?


The definition of a conversation is a distribution of views and ideas. An example of a conversation is two friends talking while having tea together.

Question 5.

What are the types of conversation?


There are Four Types of Conversation:

  • Debate
  • Dialogue
  • Discourse
  • Diatribe

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