Father’s Day Essay | Essay on Fathers Day for Students and Children in English

Father’s Day Essay in English: In all our good times and bad times, our family supports us with the best care. Every member of the family plays a vital role in our life. Father is the one who is the head of the family and the one on whom all the family members can rely.

We consider all our fathers as our first superhero, who teaches us about good and evil. For a complete family, both support of our father and our mother are necessary. That is why we celebrate Father’s Day every year to appreciate his efforts in our life.

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Long and Short Essays on Father’s Day for Kids and Students In English

We are here providing students with essay samples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic My Father Essay for reference.

A Long Essay on Father’s Day is helpful to students of classes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. A Short Essay on Father’s Day is helpful to students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Long Essay on Father’s Day 500 Words In English

While growing up, we watch stories and cartoons of superheroes. Everybody wants a superhero in their life. But the real and first superhero in the lives of a child is their father.

For every person, the father is the symbol of strength that binds the entire family together. A father works day and night tirelessly to support the whole family economically and morally.

Whenever we are stuck in a problem, the first person we remember is our father. Father is a pivotal element of the society and stands as a pillar for the family, on whom we can rely. So, to respect all the fathers around the world and their efforts, we celebrate Father’s Day on 21st June every year worldwide.

Father’s Day in Catholic Europe is celebrated to remember Saint Joseph, famous for being a father to not just Jesus Christ but also everybody.

In the year 1907, the month of December, a tragic disaster of Monongah Mining took place. This incident led to the death of 361 men. Almost 250 children lost their father.

A woman named Grace Golden Clayton proposed to the government that Father’s Day be celebrated in honor of all the unfortunate deaths of the men who used to be the fathers of some children. She also lost her dad in that disaster. That is how Father’s Day began in the USA and then worldwide.

Father’s Day is celebrated all around India with pomp and glory. It is a day for a very personalized celebration.

Children show their love and respect for their fathers by giving them gifts and cards. Several educational institutes, including schools and colleges, arrange different cultural programs to interact between the students and their fathers.

The television and radio broadcast different Father’s Day programs that day. Online portals and social media get flooded with people posting pictures with their fathers, from childhood memories to grown-up memories.

Nowadays, people are always engaged with their busy schedules, and may not be able to express love and support to their fathers frequently. That is why we utilize Father’s Day to appreciate our fathers for their extreme contribution.

Father’s role in our lives cannot be explained in words. So, on Father’s Day, we celebrate fatherhood and appreciate all the love and support they gave us immensely throughout our lives.

It is not just father’s day, it should be every day, that we wake up in the morning with immense gratitude towards our father for providing us with a happy life that we are living, for protecting us from the evils, for showering us with love, and being the support system and guiding us in all the life’s path.

Loving and honoring our father on just one day by maybe posting about them in social media or giving them gifts is not enough. We must appreciate their role in our lives every day throughout the year. Our father is the one who will always stay by our side.

Short Essay on Father's Day 150 Words In English

Short Essay on Father’s Day 150 Words In English

On the 3rd Sunday of June every year, we celebrate Father’s Day. This day is solely dedicated to all the fathers around the world.

In a child’s life, the role of a father is irreplaceable. The person who will always remain a constant in our life, supporting us in our good and bad times, and guiding us to the right path, is our father. He always will encourage you and will take care of all your needs.

Fathers are the pillar of a family that keeps the family together and supports them in all life paths. For appreciating our father, every year, we celebrate him on Father’s Day by giving him gifts and spending the whole day with him.

But we should appreciate our father every day of the year. We should appreciate his sacrifices, which he did to make our dreams successful. We should make every day memorable for him.

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10 Lines On Father’s Day Essay In English

10 Lines on My Father is as follows:

  1. In everybody’s life, the father plays the most significant role.
  2. He is the one who supports all our dreams and desires.
  3. He makes lots of sacrifices but never stops supporting us.
  4. In any stressful situation, the first person we remind of our father.
  5. The whole family relies on the shoulder of a father.
  6. In everybody’s life, the father is the first teacher who teaches us about good and evil.
  7. He teaches us about manners and ethics.
  8. In our life, the father guides us so that we make the right decision.
  9. We learn the meaning of discipline from our father.
  10. To appreciate the hero of our life, we celebrate Father’s Day on 21st June.

10 Lines On Father's Day Essay In English

FAQ’s on Father’s Day Essay

Question 1.

What is the importance of Father’s Day?


On Father’s Day, we appreciate the role of our father in our life for all his support, love, and contributions.

Question 2.

How to surprise my father on Father’s Day?


You can gift him with something beautiful, spend time with him, and appreciate him for his immense contributions.

Question 3.

Who issued his first presidential proclamation honoring fathers?


In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson made his first presidential proclamation honoring all fathers worldwide.

Question 4.

From whom, we get our first knowledge of good and evil?


Fathers are the ones who give us knowledge of good and evil in our lives the first time.

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