Trees: Short Essay on Value of Trees

Value of trees | Various Benefits and Value of the Trees | Short Essay for Students

Value of Trees

Importance of Tees Short Essay

Trees and Plants are some of the earliest life forms in our Existence and on our Plant Earth. For millions of years, even before human life, before animal life started, Plants and Trees have existed on Earth. So Trees and Plants form a far deeper part of the Earth Ecosystem than all other life forms. Hence Trees are central to the sustainable development and very survival of the Earth Ecosystem.

The Value of Trees is evident in all aspects of human life. Without trees the world as we know it would cease to exist.

As all other life forms evolved around Trees, many life forms developed their lifestyle in an interdependent manner with the Trees. Some of them are interdependent on the Trees for their food chain, some are dependent on them to build their homes, some are dependent on them for protection from extreme weather, etc.

Importance of Trees
Importance of Trees

The Value of Trees

Some of the major Value Contributions of trees are as follows:

  • Trees are a Valuable Source of food e.g. fruits, leaves of many trees are eaten as food by many animals and birds, like monkeys, squirrels, insects, etc.
  • Trees add value as homes for many animals and bird species.
  • Trees add value by giving protection and shelter from extreme weather conditions.
  • Trees add value in the Paper Making Industry as a raw material. Wood from trees are also used by human beings for many purposes like building materials, furniture, decoration articles, jewellery, utensils, etc.

The Value of trees in the Modern World

In the modern world, Trees are fast losing their place because of severe environmental damage to the forests and wildlife. Since the Industrial Revolution, hyper-utilization of natural resources led to environmental effects like deforestation, over utilization of fossil fuels, global warming, etc. Trees were cut down to make Paper, as building materials for construction, furniture. Forests were cleared to make land for building big cities and towns. But everything in life moves in a cyclical manner.

It is now evident that human beings have committed a gross error in underestimating the Value of Trees in our life. The decreasing number of Trees and forests, is leading to a huge environment damage, which is affecting the Earth Ecosystem and if we need to preserve it, we need to plant, grow, cultivate and Value more Trees.


It is important to recognize the Values of Trees and to protect them to conserve the environment.

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