The Importance of Reading Newspaper – Essay

The Importance of Reading Newspaper


Reading a newspaper is easily one of the most popular morning activities for most people. For most of us, starting the day with the knowledge of the current events across the globe gives us the feeling of being there, where the rest of the world is.

To have missed reading the fresh newspapers leaves a feeling of vacuum that last for the most part of the day. No amount of watching television or other media will replace this feeling. Seasoned readers will start reading the newspaper from the front page and go one by one till the last page which is usually dedicated to sports. Most others read the first page for the headlines and then move on to the pages or columns of their interest.

Reading a newspaper is a daily ritual for most readers. It helps people stay up to the mark with the current evets around the world and many other titbits of information that is available between the front and the last page.

Importance of reading newspaper

The following points highlight the importance of reading a newspaper:

  1. Reading a newspaper daily is the best way to be in touch with the current events
  2. This habit gives a feeling of confidence about being aware of the current events.
  3. Reading newspaper still continues to have the thrill of having the freshest news delivered to you.
  4. The news contained in the newspaper is acceptable as an official piece of information unless a correction is published.
  5. Reading a newspaper offers a creative and useful pastime for many people especially the retired and the elderly.
  6. Reading a newspaper is a good habit that should be cultivated in the young to be able to keep up with the current events.
  7. Newspaper reading helps build a powerful vocabulary given the various topics covered.
  8. Reading newspaper gives a better knowledge on specific subjects if followed rigorously.
  9. Newspapers read daily keep one in touch with the short term changes in the market or society.
  10. When a person reads newspapers he or she is more likely to be aware of plenty of useful information that can thus be passed onto others.
  11. Reading a newspaper keeps to up-to-date about the events taking place in the locality, many of which could be of interest.
  12. Reading newspapers helps one develop clarity of thinking by having gone through many analyses.
  13. Articulation of thoughts and ideas also becomes easier when newspapers are read daily.
  14. Reading newspaper gets you in touch with the people of importance in your locality.
  15. Sometimes newspapers have some announcements that could be of importance to one, related to career or job etc.
  16. One gets to know how to use the right wordage for each subject, by reading newspapers regularly.
  17. Knowing many topics and being able to express opinions by reading newspapers can make one a popular person.
  18. On a lighter note, newspapers are sometimes useful in getting those elderly to take a nap who have sleep problems.
  19. Reading a newspaper can also be an entertaining exercise exposing the quirks of human behaviour.
  20. Newspaper reading is recommended when one wants to learn a language, especially a foreign language.


Reading newspaper is an activity that is looked forward to by many as the beginning of the day. It is a useful activity as gives you a brief peek into the happenings around the world and also has a lot of useful columns besides advertisements that attract consumers. Many people swear by the astrological columns that are regularly published in the newspapers. The good part of reading a newspaper is that there is something for everyone.

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