Essay on Adult Education – Meaning and Importance of Adults Education

Adult Education – Meaning

Education is the process of learning or acquiring a new skill. Generally speaking education can be roughly equated with literacy.

Adult education means providing education to people beyond childhood. In many emerging countries and others too people often miss out on education because of a more pressing need to take up employment at an early age. It could also happen because of ill health in childhood or any other reason.

Many adults feel the desire to go back to education. Many of these adults prefer to enroll themselves in evening classes to take care of the needs of a school after work hours.

Importance of Adult Education

  1. Educated adults as a part of the entire population change the socio economic statistics of the country for better.
  2. When adults are educated, they have more empathy for their next generations to receive education.
  3. Educated adults add to the skilled workers population of an economy thereby augmenting the country’s resources.
  4. Educated adults usually earn better income and so the GDP of the country goes up.
  5. The social fabric of a nation is strengthened by education as the illogical beliefs and hearsay are replaced by logically better opinions and beliefs.
  6. Societies with a higher education rate have less social discrimination based on race, gender or any other criteria.
  7. Countries with a higher educated adult population find it easier to implement modern technology.
  8. Adult education gives a better judgement and discernment to individuals to choose wisely from the electoral candidates.
  9. Educated adults are more responsible for their actions and so the society itself manifests responsibility.
  10. Since education leads to better income prospects, crimes in such societies go down.
  11. Societies with a high educated adult population show stability in terms the society.
  12. The crimes towards women are also relatively less in the societies where adults are more educated.
  13. The collective wisdom is larger in societies with higher rate of educated adults.
  14. Children and the younger generations look up to adults who are educated and the value of respect is reflected in their behaviour.
  15. Planning and organisation is easier to societies that have a higher rate of adult population that is educated.
  16. Adults who are taking education may often be seen as role models for people to follow their dreams and vision.
  17. Schools offering adult education are a good avenue for employment for people who are interested in the field of meaningful education.
  18. Adult education programs are based on the assumption that the student enrols because of the interest he or she has in getting education. The motivation is already high and the teacher finds his or her students easier to convey the concepts.
  19. Adults undergoing educational pursuits have a special confidence about themselves.
  20. Adult education can be a life changing step for people propelling their career or life in an entirely new direction.


Adult education is an important step towards a better economy and better society. It is usually a bold step taken by the adults and every word of encouragement must be given to them. Creating suitable opportunities for the adults to acquire a good education is a necessary step towards building on the education profile of a region or a country.

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