The happiest day of my life – Short Essay

The happiest day of my life was when I scored a century against the toughest team in the competition. It was an intercity cricket tournament and, we played well throughout the tournament and, managed to reach the finals. It went well for me. I was scoring decent runs in every match, but, I was not able to win any match for my team yet. I knew that the final is going to be tough. I knew that I have to perform and make an impact in the finals. I practiced hard for the finals. I did all the possible preparations and was ready to go big.

But then, the worst thing happened. Somebody told the coach about my recent bad behavior in the school and he suspended me from the team. I begged to him, that the team needs me at this moment, but, he was not ready to understand. I told him that I was innocent and I never behaved badly in the school and, it was a false allegation, made against me. He was never listening to a word.

The match day came and I was already very upset and was crying continuously. I could never imagine that I would be curbed from playing my favourite sport! I knew that the team needed me, in order to win the finals against the best team in the tournament. I came to the ground, and sat in a corner, with my kit and uniform. I didn’t change up, as I hardly believed that I would get to play.

The teams started arriving. My fellow team players also arrived at the ground. They were also sad that I won’t play in the finals. The toss happened and we won the toss and chose to bat. I knew we needed to put a strong total on the board to win the grand finale!

Last 15 minutes were left before the match would start and, my coach came to me and said, ‘I am really sorry that I sold you the other day and kicked you out of the team. I was misguided by someone about you, and you were surely innocent. Come on now! Pad up! You have to bat!’

I was so happy at that time! I went to the ground and scored a big century! This became the happiest day of my life.

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