The most memorable day of my life – Short Essay

The most memorable day of life was when I completed my doctorate degree. I was eager to become a doctor. It was my greatest dream to become a doctor. I wanted to help out people by healing them. I worked so hard for all the last years. I used to study for long hours without any entertainment. I used to lock myself in the room and cut-off myself from the outer world, in order to study. I knew that without endeavour, my dream is really hard to achieve.

Not everyone can become a doctor overnight and live their dream. I knew that dedication and devotion would surely pay off well and I will end up achieving my dream of becoming a doctor.

I never slept the whole night, before I was going to be awarded the degree. There was nothing which could calm down the excitement running through my veins, all night long. I was imagining everything that would happen the next day. I had washed and ironed my clothes for the next day, as I wanted to look my very best. I wanted to feel like a doctor on the day I actually become one! I recalled the nights when I would get really nervous and tense about my dream of becoming a doctor. I remembered the sleepless nights which would be trouble by shoving negative thoughts is mind. But, I knew that I have passed all those troubles to reach here.

I woke up early, after a very nominal amount of sleep. I took a nice, warm bath and I sang my favourite song in the shower. I combed my hair in my favourite style and had my favourite cereal as breakfast. I wore my black uniform and well-groomed myself in the mirror. I was ready to go!

I reached the university hall before time and saw all the preparations. There was a big stage where I would stand and receive my degree from the dean of the college. There was a mic set up where I would give a short speech which I had prepared for. I couldn’t wait for the proceedings to start.

The program finally started, and I received my degree from the dean. I could hear the claps. My parents were also present there and they looked very proud. A memorable day indeed!

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