Short Essay on Smartphones

Smartphones – Short Essay

The smartphone is those phones that do more than making or receiving a phone call.

Smartphones appear to act intelligently by integrating many features like phone, internet, multimedia, search engines, social media platforms, and many applications that ease out the complexity of using multiple features.

Communication was a big deal before the 21st century. Talking to somebody staying abroad was considered a dream only. But after the introduction of Smart Phone, many changes have taken place, and life has become simpler.

Uses of a Smartphone

Smartphones can be used for the following, apart from calling, of course:

  • Making communication more interesting and easier by way of Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp calls having a video call feature
  • Integrate the contact book with online drives to have a backup from any other device.
  • Online social media can be accessed from the phone and can link one to the other.
  • The application of date and time is automatically set as per the service provider. It can be manually set too if you are traveling to another time zone.
  • Features such as the Google map can help find directions real time using the global positioning system (GPS)
  • Having e-Book applications like Kindle can give you access to books
  • Video platforms can give you entertainment from any place, where you can watch movies, music and other fun videos
  • Games, either online or offline can make a smartphone a fun gadget to have on a person

A smartphone is a gadget that has almost become a necessity in today’s world, making life easy and often fun.

Advantages of a Smartphone

Life has become sorted after the introduction of Smartphones because it’s not helpful for just communication. It can work as a reminder, dairy, helper, information provider and counter of many stores such as for buying foods, tickets and getting Jobs. It also provides many options to entertain yourself. A smartphone is a small gadget which can be carried in pockets and have many objectives to be used.


Smartphones are convenient and useful. Though it is super helpful along with that, it is harmful too for human health and the atmosphere. But complete dependence on them is not functional. Human should continue its physical activity and stop getting relied on.

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