Short Essay on Rabbit

Rabbit is a small mammal and is usually white. They are adorable little creatures and loved by everyone.

Domestic rabbit has 305 breeds. European rabbit is known as the wild-type of the rabbit around the globe and tamed and is also used for the livestock.

Rabbit farms are easy to manage because rabbits multiply very fast. It’s a delight to watch them as they hop on their hind legs. Also, their little-wet noses, large eyes, and floppy ears are the features that make them endearing.

Terminologies of a Rabbit

  • Male rabbits are known as bucks.
  • Females are known as does.
  • Adult rabbit is known as Coney.
  • White rabbits are only known as young rabbits.
  • Domestic and small rabbits are known as a bunny.
  • Recently the term kitten or kit is also used for young rabbits.
  • Colony or nest is the group of rabbits.
  • When domestic rabbits live together, they are known as a herd.

Rabbits are famous for various reasons. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Books: Books featuring rabbits as a character are quite popular with children. Some of the all-time best sellers like Velveteen Rabbit, Peter Rabbit and ‘You know how much I love you’ are stories for the younger children where they love the rabbit which is personified to appear naughty or loving but always cute and cuddly.
  • Play Rabbits on a farm are usually shy but not afraid of human touch, particularly children and children love to touch and play with them. Feeding rabbits some carrots is another favorite activity with children. Plush toys shaped like rabbits are favored by children because of the soft furry material used when they can’t have live rabbits.
  • Pets: Rabbits make good pets. They are easy to feed but must be taken particular care of because of their size. They love to eat carrots and vegetables.

Morphology of a Rabbit

Following are the parts of the rabbit:

  • Hind limb elements
  • Musculature
  • Ears: Outer and inner


8.5 hours per day is the normal sleep of an adult rabbit, and they sleep while keeping their eyes open. In this way, they are fully aware of any danger which comes near to them.


So, rabbits are part of our beautiful ecosystem, and we all should protect them, so they are not in the danger of getting extinct.

And of course who can forget the Easter Bunny and the rabbit in the moon!

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