Short Essay on Pollution – 4 Essays

Pollution – Short Essay 1.

Pollution is a vice that is affecting the world that we are living in. The forms of pollution include soil pollution, water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution.

Pollution is mainly caused by vehicles and industrial waste. Industries release chemicals to water bodies and release harmful gases to the atmosphere.

Pollution is caused by poor farming methods. This is where farmers use harmful chemicals to farm and they later find their way into water bodies and in the air.

Another cause of pollution is sea spills. Ships leak oil in the oceans which affects marine life.

Wildfires also cause pollution. When a lot of trees burn in or forests, the gases released cause environmental harm.

Poor disposal of waste is also another major cause of corruption. This waste causes pollution to the water bodies and in the soil.

Pollution is a major factor that has caused global warming. There are many causes of pollution and we should ensure that we protect the environment from being affected by these pollutants.

Sources and Types of Pollution – Short Essay 2.

Today our country is suffering from the negative effect of pollution. And we all need to get rid of it. Pollution causes many diseases. So we should try our best to get them out of pollution. And make our country free of pollution.

Sources of Pollution

The sources of Pollution includes:

  • Industrial waste
  • Vehicles smoke and noise waste
  • Population overgrowth
  • Plastic waste
  • Chemical waste and many more.

Types of Pollution

There are various types of pollution

  • Air pollution – Our country is facing the problem of air pollution It is increasing day by day in our country, and it has become very important to stop it. For this, it is very important for us to stop getting out of uncontrolled smoke of cars and factories.
  • Water pollution – Water pollution is also a big problem for our country, so it is necessary to stop it. When the wastewater of the factories is found in the clear river and when a person uses it causes diseases.
  • Noise pollution – Noise pollution is also hazardous to   Factory machine sound is very high and by these workers faced deafness problem. So it is important to reduce noise pollution.

Effects of pollution – Short Essay 3

Effects of pollution are being felt drastically every year. Pollution refers to the presence of undesirable elements in anything. When something is not in a pure form, it is polluted.

Effects of Air Pollution

Air pollution causes many diseases mostly respiratory. Breathing problems, asthma and other diseases related to lungs are on the increase due to air pollution. Even external manifestations such as skin diseases or burning of the eyes are a common effect of air pollution.

Effects of Water pollution

Waterborne diseases arise due to water pollution. Skin infections are very common. The worst effect of water pollution is the critically falling levels of potable water, even clean enough for a wash. Water being a necessary element makes the pollution and urgent issue to be revered.

It is dangerous for aquatic life.

Effects of land pollution

Land pollution also leads to diseases but more indirectly. However it affects animals much more severely. Animals that cannot separate out the pollutants are in danger of intoxication or suffocation.

Pollutants are indirectly passed on to the crops of animals of consumption in this case.

Effects of sound pollution

Very high sound levels lead to deafening or earaches, sometimes even headaches and other nervous system disorders.


Pollution of any form leads to various problems, and so we must make a collective effort to reverse the trend. It becomes very harmful for all living beings; hence it is necessary to clean our environment and protect it from Industrial waste and by removing all non-bio-degradable waste and less use of plastic waste. By this, our country becomes pollution free.

Pollution – Short Essay 4

Pollution is a product of human action is an established fact. However, it becomes important to question what kinds of human action causes pollution. To be precise, non-sustainable and exploitative actions are the ones that cause pollution. For instance, discharge of industrial wastes into rivers or chimney exhausts into the atmosphere is non-sustainable and exploitative in nature because they contaminate the elements of the environment. The lack of understanding of the effects of these actions had led to them establishment of them as accepted norms of action. It does not restrict to large industries or vehicles but extend to small individual action that has a cumulative effect over the years.

Now that we are able to understand what causes pollution, it becomes important to work on what can help prevent pollution. The biggest possible way is through individual action. Limiting the usage of plastics, proper waste disposal, prevention of waste of electricity and fuel, using public transport or carpooling can be ways on which individuals can reduce their carbon footprint. Though small, these can amount to huge impact if everyone realises the need for sustainable action. Drafting and implementing environmental protection protocols for industries, vehicles and other polluting agents becomes yet another crucial step

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