Short Speech on School

After home, if a place teaches us to be a good, civilized or educated person then it’s definitely school. Good morning respected teacher and fellow students. Today I am here to give a speech on school.

School is the first place where we get training to live or to be a civilized human. From teaching us alphabets to make us capable enough to face the world. It can be considered a second home. For 12-14 years we are kept in a nutshell where we are being trained or taught different subjects and languages by teachers.

Teachers are considered as second mothers of us. Since she never wants the failure of her students. She treats every student in the same way, just like a mother never differentiates in her children. The teacher is the guardian in the way of finding a bright future. After mother, she is the only one who expects her children to reach on a peak of success.

Apart from teaching various knowledgeable things it also let us enjoy our lives and explore our hidden talents. Different activities like dancing, singing, theatre, sports, workshops and other competitions regarding mind also sharpen the personality. We can spend a proportionate time period thereby enhancing our interest and learning various things in various ways. It is the place where we learn to interact with others. It improves our socialising skills. It also improves the ability to express our things.

School always makes learning a fun process. School teaches us various things. Going school automatically means following good habits. For going school we get up early, bath regularly, dresses properly, learn, explore and enhance our personality.

At last, I would like to end up my speech by saying the school is the most fun place where we spend our golden days. We might feel our life restricted when we are in the school but after leaving it we will definitely miss school. The nutshell where we get extra love, care, and the attention of everybody will get away. We should always admire the time period we spend in school. In school, little memories can create big happiness. Learning and exploring is important but then fun is also necessary. The more you will grow up, the more you will realize that there is no great place than school.

Thank you, everyone! For listening to me and giving your crucial time.

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