Short Essay on Newspaper for Students

Essay on Newspaper

Newspapers have been one of the oldest forms of communication since times immemorial. They are considered to be a quick and reliable way of disseminating information from one place to another.

Newspapers are usually a daily publication. Sometimes there are multiple editions in a day.

Newspapers can definitely be regarded as a powerful means to express your views and opinions by way of a news item or articles on subjects that matter.

Newspapers are still the most widely preferred form of getting in touch with what’s happening around the world, despite digitalization spreading to all parts of the world.

Importance of Newspaper

Let’s check out the importance of reading newspapers on a daily basis!

  • Daily reading a good newspaper is an efficient way of keeping in touch with the current affairs locally or worldwide. You get acquainted with the happenings in the world, whether it is about politics, sports, finance, headlines, etc.
  • Newspapers cater to a large part of the audience, having something of interest for most people. News about politics, Economy, Industry, Finance, Society, Spirituality and many more are already covered in the multiple pages and sections of the newspaper. There is also usually a section for children having fun and entertainment.
  • Newspapers are, even now, a major source of public announcements, such as births, deaths, engagements or even commercial announcements such as the release of a tender.
  • Reading newspapers helps you in improving your vocabulary.
  • It helps in enhancing your general knowledge so that you never have to feel out-of-depth in any conversation ever again.
  • You also become more self-aware when you read newspapers because you realize your own opinions and views on topics and whether or not your point of view aligns with that of the news item.
  • You get to see the perspective of a wide range of people, and it helps you make an informed decision about the subject.
  • Reading newspapers is a popular breakfast time activity in most households.
  • Apart from the news, there is a lot of information that is contained between the pages of a newspaper. The stock prices, weather, Astrological numbers, calculations and plenty of advertisements related to matrimony, real estate, and jobs can be easily looked up.


Newspapers are still a source of a well updated general knowledge in a home. Therefore, everyone must inculcate the habit of reading newspapers in their lives

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