Short Essay on Discipline and Its Importance


The definition of discipline is to obey the rules or stay obedient towards people or rules mentioned somewhere.

Discipline plays a huge role in everyone’s life, and it gets said that one who has attained a disciplined lifestyle, can achieve anything in his life.

Here are some habits of a disciplined person:

  • A disciplined personality always wakes up early in the morning so that he gets enough time in the evening to complete other tasks.
  • A disciplined person always performs various kinds of exercises so that he stays healthy and fit and in addition to it, a disciplined person always eats healthy food items only.
  • Habits, like respecting the elders, visiting the temple daily and loving the younger ones, are some of the other habits of a disciplined person.
  • A disciplined person always makes the plan of his future and follows that, and that is how he becomes successful.
  • It is noticeable that a famous or rich person always follows a strict daily routine that means that if they wake up at 5, they try to sleep at 10 and follow the same routine daily to have a good sleep as well. All their appointments get fixed days before, and they manage their days very well so that they don’t skip anything important.


While discipline is important in all spheres of life, here is how it plays in in various aspects.

Discipline in Personal life

Discipline is important if you want to lead a happy, healthy and successful Personal life. You need the Discipline to organize your daily chores from the time you get up till you go to bed in the night. You need the Discipline to stay Healthy and achieve your Exercise and Fitness goals. You also need Discipline on your emotions to cultivate long-lasting friendships and relationships.

Discipline in Academic life

Discipline is a very important attribute in student life. All students need long hours of study and hard mental work to achieve their Academic goals. This requires Discipline in channelizing your time and energy throughout the day. With Discipline, you can plan your studies and other activities so that you can lead an balanced, healthy and enjoyable student life.

Discipline in Professional life

The importance of Discipline is nowhere more evident than in your Professional life.   Each person’s professional life stretches over three to four decades of hard work and planning. This long-term sustenance of Career Focus requires a high-degree of Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Discipline. Years of Disciplined work is the strength behind all the famous success stories of great heroes that we hear about.


To a great extent discipline also means avoiding unnecessary temptations and channelizing your life energy towards pre-decided goals in life. The importance of Discipline is evident in every field of life.

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