‘Nothing succeeds like success’ – Proverb

This proverb, ‘Nothing succeeds like success’, means that we need to aim for success if we want to succeed. The implicit meaning is that there is no definitive recipe for success. If we want to succeed we cannot follow a given pattern. What we need to do is to work at being successful. This proverb is somewhat tautologous in meaning: success is what helps us succeed.

Many websites and books are dedicated to success. For example, you may have read blog posts about the daily routines of famous people. The implication is that by copying these people’s routines, you can become as successful as them.

This proverb suggests a different way of thinking about it. The proverb suggests that we should stop thinking about recipes for success. Rather, we should each seek success in our own way. And, when we have achieved success, we will know how to achieve it.

We get the following teachings from the proverb ‘Nothing succeeds like success’.

  1. Hard work will get us to success.
  2. Seek success in your own way.
  3. Don’t try to manipulate the situation, just try to do the right thing.
  4. Don’t copy others, but find success in your own way.
  5. This proverb busts the myth that there is a set way to be successful.

Conclusion: Perhaps we have already achieved success – we just need to recognize it.

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