Why should we read more?

Reading means looking at printed or digitized words on a page and making meaning from them. Reading can be done in a variety of languages. Alternatively, reading can be done by touch using Braille.

Reading is also useful. Below are 25 reasons why we should read more:

  1. Reading is a way of learning new things.
  2. We can connect with others over books we have read.
  3. Reading lets us escape from the world.
  4. Following characters’ lives teaches us empathy.
  5. You cannot be a good writer unless you read a lot.
  6. Reading is a lovely way to pass the time.
  7. Reading places less strain on the eyes than playing videogames.
  8. Reading develops the brain.
  9. Reading helps us to be good communicators.
  10. The physical feel of a book links us to ancient traditions.
  11. Reading is fun.
  12. Printed guides can save our lives.
  13. Recipe books nourish us.
  14. Letters between friends strengthen human bonds.
  15. Apt quotations drawn from books can be cited whenever we have to make a speech.
  16. Literary references help to add colour to our conversation.
  17. Reading is essential for many degrees and school subjects.
  18. For many jobs, you need to be able to read.
  19. Literacy is the foundation of other skills.
  20. Reading instructions is essential for dealing with equipment.
  21. Reading to children is a vital family activity.
  22. Reading helps us to make sense of the world around us.
  23. Reading can connect us with history.
  24. Actors need to read their parts.
  25. Reading broadens our horizons.

Conclusion: We should all read more.

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