Live and let live – Meaning and Expansion


“Live and let live means:

  • we should be tolerant towards other people opinions so that others also remain tolerant towards us;
  • we should accept others as they are, if we want other to accept us as we are;
  • instead of finding faults at others, we should keep watch of our actions,
  • we should live peacefully, and never make any attempt to disturb other’s peacefulness.
  • we should mind our own business, and allow them to choose their own path,


‘Live and let live’ is the most important rule on which human society is based. Every one of us ought to keep watch over our actions and see that we do nothing to break this rule.

We should learn to live our life the way we want to live. At the same time, we should allow other people to make decisions for their life. Finding other’s fault is easy but it brings discomfort in relationships. To make the family happy every member of it has to think of the comfort and convenience of the other. If everybody acted selfishly the family would break up.

Similarly society which is only a larger family would be destroyed, if every member of it were selfish. People often throw dirty things on the lanes and spit everywhere. Smokers throw burning matchsticks and cigarette ends anywhere they like. These are thoughtless acts. A thoughtless person is not a good citizen and he does not care to think of the result of his actions.

A person who interferes in others lives does not know how to live together with others and as a result, theirs is a very unhappy situation. We should never pursue our welfare at the expense of others. We should organize social awareness programs and campaigns to make people aware of the evils of selfish living. We must know how to live and let others live.

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