No man is an island – Essay

No man is an island is a great quotation written by John Donne.

The meaning of this great quotation is that no person in this world can survive alone as all of us need a community or a group of people to enjoy a better life.

There are a lot of examples which can prove the quotation, “no man is an island”, is true and here are a few of those examples:

  • When you live alone, no matter whether you buy a house or you rent a house, you will have to clean the apartment, make your food and do other maintenance works yourself. However, if you are living with a group of people, let’s take your family, then you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness and maintenance points as all of them would get taken care of your family members. Or if you live with your friends, you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning your house daily, as your friends can also help you to clean it.
  • Socialization has become really important nowadays because at some instance of our lives, we get the need of various kinds of people and during that time, if we haven’t socialized, we won’t get any help. However, if you have met enough persons and made enough friends, then you know that no matter what, somebody will always stand by you.
  • People don’t get to know about it but living with parents or other family members create huge inner peace for us that we cannot get while living alone. A lonely person can think of some unusual instances and dreams that cannot get fulfilled but still we get depressed about not following those dreams. If the same would have happened when we are living with someone, then they would have made us understood that it was just a dream and we should move ahead in our lives.
  • The biggest problem with people nowadays is that they have to feel lonely no matter what kind of entertainment they get. It is because they choose to live separately from their friends and families and when this decision gets made, then loneliness is naturally to be a part of your life.
  • Research shows that people who like to live alone remain sad and depressed most of the times because they don’t have any support with them and they cannot get supported financial, mentally or even physically due to which anxiety and depression attacks are very natural.
  • Living along with family and friends means that you will get to eat some delicious and nutritious food. Living alone means that a person will most probably eat chicken, fries, burgers, eggs and potatoes etc. However, living with friends and families offer you some delicious food items which you cannot make yourself.
  • When you are in your old age, you need constant support and you need people who can offer you food, offer you your medicines and can make some healthy food items for you. If you opt to live alone in your young age, you wouldn’t have anyone to support at your old age due to which your end of life may be very soon.

So, if you are stressed up of hearing bad things about you from your parents and you opt to live alone, then you might be making a mistake. Living alone is good, but blocking the people from your life that love you very much can be problematic for you only. Because for the people that you are blocking, you aren’t the only person that they would be interacting to, however, you wouldn’t have any person to interact with when you block them. Unity is strength and from the entertainment point of view, from the ease of living point of view and the health point of view, living in a community is much better than living alone.

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