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Essay on My School Library for Children and Students

A school library is a structure within the school that houses a collection of books, audio-visual material and other content that serves common use to meet the educational, informative and recreational needs of the users.

The chief objective of libraries is to meet the academic needs of the particular educational institution which it serves. Besides serving students in their studies and teachers in their research school, libraries aim at creating interest for reading amongst the students who get the best of resources and environment here. Here are essay on My School Library of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any My School Library essay as per you need:

Long and Short Essay on My School Library in English

Essay on My School Library – Essay 1 (200 words)

Learning these days is not limited to classroom lectures and training. It is the voyage of discovering more that encourages us to learn. School libraries play a very vital role in education system and are an essential part of school setup.

My school library is a well set-up library. It is a very big library on the ground floor of the school that consists of several bookstands and cabinets. Books are precisely arranged in alphabetical order in these bookstands and cabinets. It has a wide range of books on diverse subjects, story books, comic books, biographies and magazines. At the entrance there is the librarian’s desk. There are rows of tables and chairs in the centre of the library for students to sit. Another section is the reference section of the library house for teachers.

All the students visit library as per their classroom visit schedule. Library cards are to be carried to visit library. Our librarian is very helpful in locating and selecting books as per our needs. We are allowed to borrow one book at a time and the records for the same are maintained by the librarian. We need to ensure that the books are not damaged by us and are returned on time.

Library is the best place to read without any disturbance. I love reading and writing so visiting the library for me is really very exciting. I can spend my entire day in the library.

Essay on My Visit to a Library – Essay 2 (300 words)


School library is the library in the school where teachers, students and other members of the school community have equal access to various resources such as books and reading materials, information and information technology. The school library provides us with several learning opportunities, uses of computers and reference materials. It provides us flexible learning space to do independent work.

My Visit to the School Library

I remember one of my interesting visits to school library during the free period. The librarian, Miss Jennifer greeted me with a very pleasant smile on her face as always. My favourite section is the cabinet with novels and plays. I love reading short stories, novels and dramas. So, I just inquired the librarian to suggest an interesting book to read. She gave me ‘Pygmalion, a play by George Bernard Shaw.

There was no one in the library at that time. I sat on the chair at the end of the table in the row. Once I started reading I just lost myself in to it. I just went on reading and skipped few more classes as I just did not want to stop reading this book. I was twelve years old and I fell in love with reading. I became absolutely lured by the writing style and story. It grabbed hold of my heart and kept me engrossed till the last word. It was my most indelible reading experience.


Once I finished reading the whole play I smiled to myself and was grateful for such a wonderful experience. I was so happy that I thanked the librarian several times for recommending such a great book to me. I just had a gigantic smile on my face when I left and was super excited to share my reading experience with my friends and classmates. My experience inspired them to read too.

Essay on School Library and Education – Essay 3 (400 words)


Library houses a collection of resources and services, useful material, video and audio content that serves common use in all the subjects be it science, biology, mathematics, psychology or computer science. It provides users with the resources to learn and gain knowledge at all levels. Education on the other hand develops positive values by providing knowledge, ability and information leading to individual development.

Library and Education are Interrelated

Over the decades libraries have played vital role in literacy and learning outcomes. It is a proven fact that effective school library services have positive impact on the social, cultural and educational growth and development of the students. Literacy, education and library go hand in hand.

There has been a positive impact of the libraries on the education system. This is because they are a hub of information of all types essential for the students. Further, libraries provide tutoring programs and educational classes. A library is an integral part of schools, colleges and other educational organizations. School libraries enhance student’s academic performance and results. Students are encouraged to learn and read. They develop urge, interest and positive attitude towards learning. It shows growth in students’ overall performance, improved results and achievements.

Education and library are interrelated and fundamentally co-exist with each other. Education is the process of gaining knowledge, values, skills, habits and beliefs. It is the social process in which children are subjected to the influence of the school environment to attain social competence personnel development. Education is the outcome of the knowledge and experience acquired. Library on the other hand is the source and storehouse of knowledge, information and resources vital for the leap in advancement of knowledge. Libraries enhance the cause of education and research. Library plays important role in meeting the growing needs of people in literacy.

Besides aiding in the studies of students and assisting teachers in research and teaching, school library helps in developing reading habit in the students and provide the knowledge and resources to enrich the learning experience. Library is essential for self-education, a means of information and knowledge. Education is the complex social process of gaining knowledge and experience formally. In involves a system used for the development of the students. Library allows us to obtain spiritual, inspirational, informative and interesting reading experience.


Library is thus a leap in the advancement of the literacy provided in classrooms. Education and library cannot exist alone and are inseparable. Library is essential part of any formal educational system.

Essay on Importance of School Library – Essay 4 (500 words)


School library is the place where wide range of academic books and resources are available. The books are made available to all the students throughout the year to increase knowledge, understanding and performance on various subjects. School library is essential for learning and teaching process. Library facilitates each student with access to essential resources and learning material for a smooth learning process. It plays a vital role in student’s life. The design, modern tools and strategies of the school libraries change with the changing times.

The types of books we can have access to in school libraries are, fiction books, non-fiction books, reference books, literature books, biographies, General Knowledge books, Fables and folktales, cookbooks and craft books, poetry books, books in a series, wordless books and so on.

Importance of School Library

  • Facilitates and provides suitable and flexible learning space for students. These days libraries are equipped with digital tools and technologies which make it easy and fast to research on the subjects.
  • It provides us with quality fiction and nonfiction books that encourage us to read more for pleasure and enrich our intellectual, artistic, cultural, social and emotional growth.
  • The ambiance of the school library is perfect for learning without getting disturbed. This makes it easy for us to learn and grasp faster.
  • We can borrow the books as per our requirement for further learning at home. Apart from the books on various subjects we can also borrow books of our interest such as story books, biographies, comic books and novels.
  • We can improve our general knowledge by reading GK books. It helps in the development of mind and boosts our confidence.
  • With in-depth knowledge on the subjects of interest we get insight of new and more interesting dimensions.
  • We can take reference from a wide range of books to complete our school assignments. We can also refer books for making notes and preparing for exams. It also helps in developing vocabulary, reading and writing skills.
  • Provides teachers the access to professional development, relevant information and reference material to plan and implement effective learning programs.
  • Collaborates with the teachers for effective learning plan and implementation of the programs that help us acquire skills, collect and evaluate information and solve problems.
  • School library is helpful to every member of school community whether its students, teachers or any other staff member. It helps gain skills and knowledge for personal development.
  • School library has a positive impact on the academic performance of the students. It helps us develop the overall skills necessary to succeed in modern day digital and social environment. It is important to develop the habit of visiting library regularly.


Whatever we learn in classrooms should be supplemented with reading and research done in library. This will make studies more interesting and profound. The range and quality of books available in libraries is the best. As a student we can’t buy or have access to such wide range of books elsewhere. Thus, libraries play a vital role in our studies. The knowledge that we gain remains with us for life time.

Essay on Role of the School Librarian – Essay 5 (600 words)


School library refers to the library within the school where the members of school community such as students, teachers and other staff can have access to various learning and reading resources. School libraries have a positive impact on the academic performance of the students. They help in the overall personal growth and development of the users. School library mainly contains books, audios, videos, periodicals and digital media.

Librarians are the ones responsible for acquiring, managing, organizing and distributing library resources. They need to maintain and ensure that the library provision meets the needs of its members.

What is the Job of a School Librarian?

Here is a look at the tasks undertaken by the school librarian:

  • Selecting, cataloguing, organizing and developing library resources.
  • Managing the staff members including recruiting, training and assigning duties.
  • Listening, understanding and answering the queries of the users.
  • Planning and managing budget and resources.
  • Providing services to different groups of community like students, teachers and other staff members and meeting their needs.
  • Promoting, educating and assisting users in using the library resources.
  • Facilitating and assisting users with digital technology.
  • Interact positively with students, teachers, staff and other users of library.

Role of a School Librarian

Librarian has an important role to play in the effective functioning of the school library. Librarian has the essential skills to guide and support the library users learning, and help them develop into independent readers and learners. School librarian mainly performs the role of a teacher, information specialist, instructional partner and program administrator.

Librarians are not merely the caretakers of books anymore they are the consultants, information providers, instructional readers, curriculum designers and teachers. They can help students in achieving their goals. The setup of the libraries has also changed in to more like classroom setup. Education trends have changed the role of school librarians with changing times:

  • A librarian has professional training, education and credentials essential to be the leader in the job. He is an accredited professional in resource and information management and provision. His role is to regularly meet the principle, teachers and attend faculty meetings in regard to collaborative design and implementation of literacy programs to be carried on in the school.
  • His responsibility is to manage the school library effectively by effective, planning, budgeting, evaluation and reporting. He needs to plan a schedule to work effectively with teachers and students, serve the key committees and manage the other library staff.
  • He uses licensed resources and database including online and internet database.
  • He selects materials and resources essential for school curriculum and meets the state standards.
  • He connects teachers and students with curriculum and information.
  • Librarian is the one who guides others to recognize the need of information and use it effectively.
  • Encourages the use of digital technology for enhanced learning by providing continuous access to digital information resources for the school community.
  • School Librarian is the one who creates and develops an environment to encourage and support reading across the school community.
  • He collaborates with classroom teachers for effective planning and provision of information.
  • He needs to remain updated on professional level, information technology, educational research, development and school library programs. He needs to attend staff meetings locally as well as state and national conferences.


The role of school librarian is to empower others with resources, information, skills and knowledge and establish flexible learning and teaching environment. School librarian is like teaching staff and has vital role to play in supporting literacy and impact students’ learning in positive way. School librarian supports the learning of the students and helps them develop into efficient independent learners and readers.

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