My Favourite Sports Personality, Saina Nehwal – Short Essay

I love the sport of badminton. I love it partly because of the sport itself and, partly because of India’s success in it. When I talk about Badminton, the first person that comes to my mind is Saina Nehwal. And not only badminton, whenever I talk about sports generally, Saina comes to mind.

My favourite sports personality is Saina Nehwal. She is a gem of a sportswoman. She is the perfect blend of character and performance. Her temperament on the pitch is very calm and cool. But, her performance is always heated up and fraught with passion.

She always tries to give her very best for the country. She is so calm and composed on the pitch that, sometimes you may think she is not even thinking about the game! But, her whole focus is on the game throughout the match. She quietly anticipates every move of her opponent and then, when the right time comes, she attacks and conquers the opponent.

The passion for playing for the country is clearly present in her. She thoroughly enjoys every win, not for her own sake alone, but for the sake of the country. She is very fit and she practices for long hours to improve her game. She is very light on her feet and can move around the pitch according to where the shuttle will come. She is also a good partner in doubles and she is really supportive. She can easily adjust her game according to her partner and can cooperate for achieving winning results.

Saina Nehwal is also a great personality off the field as she is on the field. She appreciates her fans and pays heed to them. She gives her precious time to her fans, signing autographs, clicking selfies and talking to them. She is also very fluent in front of the media and she is very engaging. She is a sporting celebrity in India.

She has won a lot of tournaments and bagged many prizes. She was the first Indian woman and the youngest player to win 4- star tournament i.e. Philippines Open. She won two gold medals in commonwealth in 2010 and 2014. She won the Bronze medal in the London Olympics in 2012. She has taken India to the first rank many times and she would continue to do so in the coming years.

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