My life is like an empty book which is to write by myself. My deeds make a headline and the paragraphs keep on changing. I am the only one who has to choose between hard work and laziness to be carved on the pages of my life. I will have to build my character through which people can recognize me. I will have to choose the right path so I could write the story of my success with a golden pen.

I am born in a middle-class family which celebrates even the smallest of happiness. I and my brother are the bulbs of our small house, filling it with triumphs.

My life had a turn when I joined my school at the age of 4 and this was the time when the story of life began to write is itself. The days passed by with me learning and playing. My life was a happy one as I had good friends who used to gather in the ground, excited to play. Years passed by and I was in the 3rd standard and I was pretty much lazy kind of a kid who just wanted to sit in front of the T.V. and watch cartoons. Years passed by with my learning and playing and then I was in the 7th standard.

My life had a turn again when studies became very hard and laborious and I was not doing well in my academics and then was the beginning of my hard work. I joined tuitions and enrolled in the online classes and studied day and night. Years passed by with me studying day and night. Everyone was happy with me, my family supported me. I was a good person in the eyes of people but success still awaits. I have to do more, beyond everyone’s expectation and achieve my goals, fulfill my dreams to make the book of my lifeknown as the good one. So work hard and be happy so as to live your life completely.

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