Friendship: Short Essay on Importance of Friendship

Friendship is the relationship shared by two or more people or even creatures that feel compassion and affection for each other without there being an ulterior motive behind the emotions. Making friends can start from an early age and can go on till the end of one’s life. This is a precious addition to the array of relationships and people that a person has in his life. Friends add different elements to a person’s life thereby enriching it.

Friends can be sweet, lively, grumpy, serious, nerdy, hip or other types. All kinds have some endearing qualities which is why they become your friend.

Age, gender, species etc. are no obstacles for friendship. You could very easily come across an old lady and a little girl being friends. Even a boy has a dog for a friend commonly. Friendship is probably the most common relationship and one which is made voluntarily.

Friendship meets one of the most important needs of a human life as in Maslow’s pyramid, that of approval and acceptance.

Talking to friends is cathartic, thereby processing difficult emotion. If you have friends, you probably don’t need a counsellor or a therapist.

Friendship is the feeling of camaraderie in where people share a cause or even just a good feeling. This has a healthy effect on body and mind.

Usually in a relationship of friendship, people also act as each other’s guides to warn them of any wrong actions that may hurt or damage the friend.

In children, friendship is an important learning milestone as they copy actions from each other and learn values like sharing and empathy.

Animals can sometimes be in the relationship of friendship. Dogs, horses and such other animals make very good friends. Even if verbal communication is limited, it is surely more than made up in non-verbal communication with sounds, eyes and touch. Dogs love to follow their master around everywhere. They can be very good companions for children, albeit with some caution.

So often good relationships of matrimony are also found between friends or because of friends, since there is already a high level of trust and affection existing.

A life devoid of friends or friendship must surely be a dry and burdensome life. That is how important friendship is

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