Internet: Short Essay on Importance of Internet

This generation is aptly named ‘internet generation’. All the information is readily available at your fingertips via search engines.

Wikipedia is a Universal encyclopaedia where anyone can edit and enlarge it. You wake up and open your laptop and chat with your best friend about to hit the pillow on the other side of the globe. A farmer gets a warning about the weather. All these things are possible today and we take them for granted. This is the change brought about by internet.

Internet is the network of optic fibre cable connecting many points of communication such as routers, wireless routers, laptops, and smartphones all over the globe. The signals are transmitted and receive via the satellites and the information is stored on the web.

The Importance of Internet

Internet has replaced the different aspects of our life with a digital and often a superior version.


All the communication done by paper and pen or telephones is now almost completely transferred to E-mail, messenger, WhatsApp, Skype or other means.

Data transfer

Important documents can be transferred via the internet. There is almost no lag period involved in the sending and receiving of large amounts of information and even books.


Internet has opened up the global market for small businessmen and sellers all over. They can now go beyond the local market or clientele by opening an online shop.


Internet banking has made the transfer of money within minutes possible, with little form filling and at the convenience of your home.

Social Media

Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn have bought the activity of networking whether for social or for professional reasons. But the amount of interchange of ideas is immense and sometimes these platforms have been known to take a particular cause to its end because of collective opinion.

Knowledge base

Internet archives or libraries available online are a boon to the students all around the world with some non-profit organizations that make these books available online for free.

Administrative work

Administrative form like tax filing, creating unique IDs, applying for passports, paying bills etc. can be completed online.

Internet has revolutionized our lives and it would be helpful for everyone to appreciate how efficient work has become.

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