Essay on Summer Season for Students

If we talk about India, it has a number of seasons which are loved by people around the country or even around the globe. There are four seasons in India namely – winter, summer, rainy and spring. All these seasons have their importance, but it gets noticed that the most important season is summer season and it is also the season which gets loved by a lot of Indians as well as people from other countries.

The summer season has great importance for plants, animals and most importantly for human beings. Here is how the summer season very important for us:

Importance of the summer season for plants – There are a lot of plants and trees which need a certain amount of sunlight, and then only they get able to produce the best items. For example, vegetables like lady finger, etc. are bound to get good growth in summer season only and we people can’t get to eat some delicious vegetables in other seasons. Similarly, fruits like Mangoes are made for the summer season only, and we can’t get to eat them in other seasons. With the help of good sunlight and a great hot climate, nature offers us some wonderful looking flowers, plants and vegetables during the summer season due to which the importance of summer season for various plants is huge.

Importance of summer season for nature – We all know how important role sunlight plays for a great nature. Similarly, summer season plays a huge role in the development of a wonderful nature because if the sunlight is not there which is usually not available during winter seasons, then a lot of vegetables, plants and various other resources wouldn’t grow properly. This would act as a huge problem for the ecosystem.

Importance of the summer season for birds and animals – The importance of the summer season for bird and animals is very much due to several reasons. There is a set procedure that all the birds and animals follow throughout the year. Like for animals, they tend to eat as much as they can during the summer season and gain as much weight as possible to prepare for the autumn season where the amount of food left would be very less. On the other hand, during the summer season birds tend to find their new houses and they accommodate themselves along with their families to new places which they feel are safer for them. During the summer season, they try to grow enough feathers which will help them to get warm during the winter seasons.

Importance of summer for humans – The importance of summer for humans is huge, but people don’t tend to show any importance to any season nowadays. Various vegetables, various fruits and various flowers which people are in love with, do exist because of the existence of the summer season. Even if someone says that he is non-vegetarian and he says that he can live without fruits and vegetables by eating animals, then he needs to know that animals are also a part of the ecosystem, and in if ecosystem gets disturbed, no one will get to eat healthy food. Those who hate summer should know it that if the summer season doesn’t exist, the chances are, that they wouldn’t exist either.

These were some very important points about the summer season that everyone should know. It gets observed that due to the humidity and rise in temperature during the summer season, people like to get out of their countries to some places which have low temperatures, which is a great technique to enjoy one’s time without blaming the nature for the humidity. People shouldn’t have any problem with the summer season, but if someone is having one, he should plan a trip to a foreign country.

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