Essay on Mobile phone – Meaning, Features, Purpose, Benefits, Disadvantages


A mobile phone is a device used for communication. It is a portable telephone that can make calls when it has airtime or credit or receive calls from someone else regardless of the geographical distance between the two.

A mobile phone therefore bridges the geographical distance between the two parties that are in communication at any particular time.

Mobile phones are an improvement of telephones from the past which were not portable and had to be used at fixed places but now it is possible to actually walk with your own mobile phone all day long.

These mobile phones have unique specifications and operate on different command prompts. The operating systems that are however known for individual phones include the Android, iPhone and Windows among others. These operating systems are uniquely designed to serve their mobile phones appropriately.

Features of a mobile phone

These constitute of the programmed or designed capabilities, applications and services that the developers or manufactures availed for the users of the mobile phones. These features make the mobile phones more attractive and user friendly. The common features that are universally found on mobile phones include:

  1. battery which serves as the power source for the mobile phone. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for a specific but not constant period of time as it depends on the activeness of the user and the mobile phone.
  2. It also has an input mechanism which makes it possible for the user to actually use the phone. The input mechanism constitutes basically of the keyboard. The keyboard has however overtime been challenged by touch screens which actually have a virtual on-screen keyboard for Smartphones.
  3. Mobile phones also have a mobile phone services provision that makes it possible for the user to actually make calls as well as sending texts as messages.
  4. Mobile phones use a SIM card. A SIM card allows swapping of accounts from one device to the other. SIM cards are also the bearers of panels to which credits are attached for purposes of making calls or sending text messages.
  5. Mobile phones have a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) This number uniquely identifies the particular mobile phone.

Main purpose of a mobile phone

Mobile phones have a wide array of uses and can therefore benefit users in many different ways. However, the main purpose of a mobile phone is to actually have a means through which you can communicate and actually bring it with you for your own convenience. Through this important function, mobile phones make work as well as life easier as there is no longer any need to make a physical appearance to get some things done. Mobile phones bridge the geographical gap between the sender and receiver of information.

Benefits of a mobile phone

The benefits of a mobile phone include:

  1. Mobile phones are convenient in the sense that you can actually bring them to work with you or rather, move around with them.
  2. Mobile phones can also be life savers because they can help you find your way back if you happen to get lost or find your way to desired destinations.
  3. They also help you stay connected with friends and family regardless the geographical distance.
  4. Fun can also be achieved with the help of mobile phones as they feature games and can store music.
  5. Mobile phones also keep you informed of what is happening in the world with the help of internet access.
  6. Cameras on mobile phones help you capture memorable moments or events.
  7. The torch on mobile phones will provide light in times of darkness, literally.
  8. You also have a recording device to capture important information you may forget or for legal reasons.

Disadvantages of a mobile phone

  1. Mobile phones can be a serious distraction because they are tempting to use.
  2. Incessant calls or texts could really be an interruption for times when you need to actually focus.
  3. The cost of getting and maintaining a phone with credit and other related expenses.
  4. Mobile phones encourage dependency in that it makes it difficult to communicate in real life.
  5. Eye sight issues have also been associated with the use of mobile phones.
  6. Security concerns when someone happens to tap into your private information.


The available types of mobile phones follow their developer companies which are also involved in the international distribution of their design devices. These companies are also concerned with the developing and advancements to different models of these devices so that the interest of the market is sustained as well as for business purposes to make profits.

Mobile phones have actually revolutionized communication by making it easier and faster. They have also been instrumental in eliminating the need to make physical visits to perform certain tasks. However, the idea of making human interactions less functional should be looked into to establish whether the need for faster communication should really be preferred to direct personal conversations and human to human relationship.

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