Essay on Computer for Students


A computer is an electronic device or machine that stores information and is able to manipulate the stored information into desired forms.

Computers are able to store programs and go as far as extract information from its memory. Computers perform operations with quantities that are represented electronically in the form of digits.

Computers have played a very instrumental role in making life better and easier for human beings. They have made production and performance more efficient and elevated economic levels of many countries and even individuals.

What is a computer system?

A computer system is the components that make for a complete functioning computer. A computer is made up of the central processing unit (CPU), the memory, peripheral devices that are connected to and from it, the operating system and the associating electronics in the main cabinet.

A computer system is therefore basically the computer together with any software and peripheral devices that coordinate and synchronize their functions for the functioning of the computer.

History of computer technology

The computer designing project traces back to the 19th century. This is owed to Charles Babbage who designed the Analytical Engine. Computers can be categorized into three generations, each being an improvement of its predecessor. The first generation computer (1937-1946) was built by Atanasoff and Berry. In 1943, the Colossus was built for the military. In 1946 however, the ultimate first generation computer was built. It was a general purpose digital computer called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC). This computer could only perform single tasks and lacked an operating system.

The second generation computer was in use in the period (1947-1962). This model used transistors. This gave birth to the Universal Automatic Computer (UNIVAC 1). This was the first computer to be introduced to the public for commercial purposes.

The third generation computer is also the present computer (1963-present). It is credited to the invention of the integrated circuit. It features a smaller, more reliable and more powerful and one that is able to multi task.

Uses of computer technology

  1. Computer technology has been used in the designing computer games for entertainment purposes.
  2. Writing is also another important use of the computer technology for purposes such as academics, working and preparing documents. Computer technology also plays an instrumental function is solving mathematics.
  3. People also watch TV and movies with the help of the very reliable computer technology which has proven to be very diverse in functionality.
  4. It is possible to listen to music over the computer. It provides the option to select, play, and adjust volume and even forward or rewind.
  5. Computers are also used for communication purposes. They are able to send and receive messages via email and other media provisions and also make calls. Communication via computer goes beyond the boundaries of geographical distance.
  6. Computer technology also gives downloading options. With so much as internet connection, it is possible to outsource information online and have it for and during offline uses.

Disadvantages of computers

  1. Computers can limit learning because they have a tendency to create dependency.
  2. It is not a guarantee that your information is safe from intrusion when stored in a computer. With the right skills and knowledge, private information can easily land in unauthorized hands.
  3. Computers also consume a lot of serious time. This is because they can offer numerous distractions especially when connected to the internet.
  4. Computers are a threat to human labour. This is because they have the potential to do what humans do at their work places.
  5. Trolls are also disadvantages of computers and make for a serious threat to safety and peace of mind to the victims.
  6. With too much involvement with computerized work, it is easy to become self-centered. Ideally, people are supposed to work together but nowadays, it is possible to do much seated behind a computer.
  7. There’s too much sitting when working with a computer. This can lead to health problems and also the mouse potato habit.
  8. Typing on a computer requires continuous movement of the hands particularly the fingers. This promotes the carpal tunnel syndrome.
  9. Computers also strain the eyes and expose them to too much light for long period which is an ingredient of diseased eyes.


The development of computers is perhaps one of the greatest steps that man has made and the minds behind computer design should be praised. However, care should be taken to ensure that computers do not become the substitute for relevance of human beings in the various areas of human life. Moreover, the negative consequence of computers to human health should also be watched out for.

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