Essay on Delhi Metro

Delhi metro is a great way to travel around the city. We all know that Delhi is a very big and crowded place and that is why the roads of Delhi are full of traffic every time, and Delhi metro is a mean by which we can travel around the city at a very less cost, and it consumes lesser time than traveling by a motorbike or car. Other countries call it trams, in India, Metro trains are the name of such a great traveling option.

What is Delhi metro?

Delhi metro is a mode of transport in Delhi city. Delhi metro is just like a normal train, but it travels by electricity and runs faster than normal trains.

Moreover, underground and overhead bridges are the ways by which Delhi metro travels around the city. Various tokens are the key by which one can enter into the metro, and these tokens cost lesser than the cost of taxis or autorickshaws.

How It Existed

  • We all know that the amount of traffic in Delhi is way higher than a lot of other cities and looking at the situation of Delhi, the Delhi government made several plans due to which Delhi metro existed. The first reason for the same was to control the increasing traffic in Delhi.
  • The second reason for the existence of Metro was that the people of Delhi couldn’t afford to travel around the city by taxi or autos and that is why the Delhi Govt. Provided them with the mean of transport by which people could travel at a very low price.
  • The third reason for the existence of the metro was that Delhi is a huge place and it takes a lot of time for someone to travel from one place to other. To save time, the government thought about Delhi metro which can take you from one region to another within a few minutes.

The Contribution of Delhi Metro Towards the Rejuvenation of Delhi

Delhi is a great place and the capital of India, and that is why like the capital of other countries, it should be better than lots of other cities of the country. Delhi was not in good condition before the existence of Delhi metro, and It is quite visible that Delhi Metro has helped Delhi to gain a great improvement in a few years. Here is how the Delhi Metro has contributed to Delhi’s overall improvement:

  • Delhi always had a problem that all the roads of Delhi were always full of traffic throughout the day. Though the problem is still there, the traffic condition got improved a lot because a lot of people decided to travel by metro than by their own vehicles which reduced the traffic.
  • All the metro stations are very beautiful and very well constructed, so even when someone sees a metro station, he gets to see the beautiful infrastructure that Delhi has.
  • Delhi Metro carries people of all castes and communities at the same price which means that the higher-grade people and the lower grade people get to travel at the same price. So, lower grade people don’t feel disheartened.
  • People living in Delhi know the value of time, and when one travels by a Metro, he saves a lot of time to complete other works.

These were a few points by which Delhi metro has contributed towards the improvement of Delhi and the people of Delhi.

What Is the Purpose of Metro

As discussed above, there are lots of purposes of a Delhi metro, here are a few of them:

  • Delhi Metro is a perfect mean of transportation for the people of Delhi because it saves money as well as time.
  • Delhi metro is connected with literally every corner of Delhi. It means that one can travel from one corner of Delhi to the other at a very low price and in very less time.
  • The motive of Delhi metro was to control traffic and still if the Delhi government wants to control traffic, they need to make metro routes at various other locations where people only travel through buses or cars.


The Delhi metro is one of the finest gifts that the Government has given to the people of Delhi. The government of Delhi is taking various new steps to make sure that they are improving the Delhi metro day by day. Delhi metro remains very clean, and various security staffs are available every time in the metro so that there are no problems for people in the metro. Now, the people of Delhi can’t even think about their life without Delhi Metro.

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