How Cell Phones Affect Family Relationships? – Essay

How Cell Phones Affect Family Relationships?


Cell phones have made our life very easier since its invention, as we can travel anywhere around the world and we can still connect to our loved ones very easily.

The technology is changing drastically and the cell phone which was only built to make phone calls can now a lot more which was never expected by anyone.

Though cell phones have a lot of uses and people, use it daily for various purposes, but one fact is there, that cell phones are affecting the family relationships of everyone. A detailed argument Is available in below points.

Use of Cell Phones

There are a lot of uses of cell phones nowadays, and most of them are here below:

  • As we all know, phones got made for calling so the biggest use of the cell phone is that we can make calls by it.
  • The second use that got figured out later by the engineers was that the cell phone could have an inbuilt camera as well and that is why a camera is available in a mobile or cell phone as well.
  • The third use of the cell phone is that it can also be used as an MP3 or a video player because we can play various kinds of audio or video media on it.
  • Another use of the mobile phone is that we can use the internet on it and by using the internet we can research a lot of things happening around the world.
  • There are certainly other useful apps built in a cell phone like an alarm, calculator, stopwatch, day-planner, etc. due to which people don’t need to carry separate gadgets.
  • Various kinds of office works can be done with the help of mobile as one can use Microsoft excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook in a new day cell phone.

These were the main uses of a cell phone. There are several other uses of a mobile phone but mentioning all of them could take an entire night.

How Cell Phones Have Helped Us

Cell phones have helped humans grow drastically, and these points discuss the same:

  • People use the cell phone in various aspects of their day to day life, and it is quite visible that life without a cell phone is not possible People used to send letters and telegrams if they wanted to send a message or interact with their loved ones and it took lots of days for that telegram to reach to its destination and a lot more days to receive the reply of that telegram. But due to the existence of cell phones, now one can connect with everyone by sending messages and making calls and one do not need to wait for days for a revert.
  • People used to buy a camera to capture their sweet memories, and after capturing the sweet memories, they had to give their camera roll to the photographer so that he can develop the pictures and give to you. But all this process was a time-consuming process. Nowadays, people just need a camera, and one can immediately capture images and develop the images within a few minutes.
  • Music is good therapy for stressed people as well as a great pass time for a lot of people, and that is why people used to buy music players or video players before to entertain themselves. However, nowadays, one can watch videos, play music and watch movies on cell phones with ease due to which the entertainment level has gone up.
  • The Internet in cell phones has helped people a lot because now we can search about anything in a few seconds. The use of computer café is very less nowadays as everything is available on the mobile phones.

Side Effects of Cell Phones

There are lots of side effects of using a mobile like weak eyesight and wastage of time, etc. but the biggest side effect is here below:

  • The biggest side effect of cell phones which is very visible is that it is causing a lot of family problems. Previously, people used to entertain themselves by sitting with their families and having a chat with each other, but nowadays there are rarely a few people left in the world who interact with their families in their free time. Nowadays, kids are so focused on their mobile phones that they don’t give enough time to their families, and that is why neither the parent nor the son or daughter knows enough about each other’s life. Family problems are there in the families where children and parents don’t interact with each other. If we see around us, we can see a lot of people looking at their mobile phones only and not looking at what is happening around them. The situation has become so worse that even if someone dies due to some problem in a house, no one will get to know about it because everyone will be busy with their mobile phones

How to Save The Family Relationships from the negative effects of mobile phones

Family relationships are very necessary to be saved, and that is why it can be saved by following the points written below:

  • One needs to stop using mobile phones for some time span in his day because even if he saves 2 hours to interact with his family, it will be enough to save a family relationship.
  • Management is very important, so even if you are discussing some important point at your cell phone with someone, you need to listen to your father or mother at the same time as well. Because it is also very important and you have to manage both at the same time.
  • Even if you are using mobile phones a lot, make sure that you create family groups so that you can interact with them by your mobiles as well.


The cell phone is a great facility provided to people, but they aren’t utilizing it in a right manner as right now, people use it for their entertainment purpose only. And due to people’s entertainment, lots of family problems are there which shouldn’t be there. One should use mobile, but not in excess; it should be used in such a way that proper timing is given to mobile as well as family and friends.

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