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Christmas is yearly festival that serves to appreciate and remind people, particularly the Christians, and also to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

This day always comes on the 25th day of December and is observed both as a religious as well as cultural festival. On this day, Mary, the mother of Jesus, together with Joseph, the father, had Jesus, a baby boy who would grow to be the savior of mankind according to Christians.

After his birth which was in a stable, he was laid in a manger. A star in the sky led the wise men to the site where Jesus was laid. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God.

Origin of Christmas

There are many customs that have been associated with the origin of Christmas. Certain origins however have been traced back to pre-Christian festivals that had been celebrated around the winter solstice by non-believers who were later converted to Christianity. The initial recorded Christmas was celebrated by Constantine, the first Christian Roman Emperor. A few years later, Pope Julius declared on an official sense that the birth of Jesus the son of God was going to be celebrated on the 25th day of December.

Why we celebrate Christmas on the 25th Dec

  1. The early Roman calendar records December 25th as the holiday when the birth of Jesus was to be honored.
  2. Emperor Constantine who was the first Christian Roman emperor converted to Christianity and made Christianity the favored religion hence the establishment of days it came with.
  3. Pope Julius declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th This therefore became the official date.
  4. Mary is believed to have received news of pregnancy on the 25th of march and nine months later is expected to be the 25th of December
  5. Jesus was a Jew hence the early church chose December the 25th for the date of Christmas.
  6. People wanted different days to celebrate the facts on the revelation that Jesus was the son of God and his birth date.
  7. Christians believe that Jesus is the light of the world hence the 25th of December was the right time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

How long Christmas celebration lasts

Christmas celebration begins on the eve of the 24th where people prepare for the next day. Supplies are collected on this day to ensure that the 25th is a blast. The celebration reaches its peak on the 25th and goes on until the 27th or 28th when people again start prepping for New Year celebrations.

What happens on Christmas Day?

Christmas day is normally a very busy day and comes with activities such as:

  1. Receiving gifts from friends, family and well wishers.
  2. Unwrapping gifts that have been received.
  3. Sitting and having fun around the Christmas tree where the gifts have been placed.
  4. Sharing of meals with family and invited guests and friends.
  5. Playing games in snow with friends and family all dressed warm.
  6. Singing Christmas carols in praise of Jesus and wishing each other well.
  7. Some people also go to church to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

Which people celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a festival for Christians. It is celebrated mostly by people who believe in the birth of Jesus, in Him and in the fact that He is the son of God. Christians are spread all across the world with varying numbers from country to country. Other religions however also recognize this day by taking part in their own celebrations and staying free from work. This is because it has grown to become a world holiday.

Why is Christmas important?

Christmas is important because:

  1. It commemorates the birth of Jesus who is Lord and Savior to Christians.
  2. Friends and families come together which is good because it fosters unity.
  3. People wish each other well which makes for a prosperous life.
  4. Going to church and singing Christmas carols is fun and fosters the good relationship between human beings and between them and God.
  5. Christmas is also important because people get gifts they’ve always wanted to have.
  6. The activities that take place on Christmas foster the spirit of team building.
  7. Christmas brings families together
  8. The birth of Jesus is a sign of hope for the Christians.

How is Christmas celebrated

Christmas is celebrated by doing the following:

  1. Giving and receiving gifts to friends and family.
  2. Singing Christmas songs at home and in church or ay social gatherings.
  3. Christmas tree fun activities.
  4. Sharing special meals with friends and family.
  5. Playing in snow and ice having worn warm clothes.
  6. Visiting friends and family to celebrate and have fun together.
  7. Going to places of fun like ice skating stadiums.


Christmas is a religious holiday that has grown to become a cultural day. It brings people together in happiness and joy and closes the year on a very high note. The relevance of Christmas to the life of a Christian is immeasurable and this is why it has been conserved all these years. It is important to continue recognizing and appreciating this day not only because of its relevance to the spiritual life of a Christian but mainly because it brings families, distant and close together and makes to wish each other the best in life and in that festive season.

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