Autobiography of a Storybook – Short Essay

Who am I? I am a storybook. I love to be handled properly and people like to use me anytime any day as per wish. From my name ‘storybook’, I am a kind of book that is also called ‘novel’. I am a book that story is written in me for the pleasure of my readers and to gain one lesson or the other. I come in a different way, different sizes, pattern and looks. I am not limited to physical book only but can also be in an electronic format called ‘ E-book’

In the ancient time, there is nothing like the previous storybook like this, stories, songs etc. are inscribed ona clay tablet, scrolls, Codex, manuscripts etc. But since the advent of technology; a book has been modified to suit the modern day use and it is somehow durable and good to write and print on. Likewise, the way and manner books are printed in the olden days are different from the present days. The present days’ book is majorly printed by offset lithography.

If I am to be a physical storybook ( that can be touch) there are different ways and manner publisher’s produce me. The theme and the message of the story will determine the size and appearance of me. If the topic is broad, automatically the storybook will be bulky. And the graphic design will be determined by the theme of the story. The tone of me ( whether formal or informal) will be determined by my author.

My house is a Library, either a personal library or private library or electronic library. I am always about a topic of interest and sometimes I house many stories that might be small in content or large. Sometimes I am particularly about a single topic. I might be informed of Animal story, autobiography or a dressing public issues with the aid of stories. Most times, I involve pictures or animations to buttress the points been made.

I am a great companion for bookworms or those who like fictions. People read me for acquiring knowledge or for leisure. With me; being bored is a crime because I am always interesting!

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