Autobiography of a Farmer – Short Essay

I am an Indian farmer. I’m writing my autobiography. Let’s take a look at my life.

I’m Nathuram Mali an Indian farmer. You might be thinking now that I’m frustrated and depressed as you read in Newspapers and watch on TV. But that’s not the case as my life is my fieldmy love is my field. I got this inspiration from my father who’s whole life is devoted to the field. I care my crops like my child.

My day starts at 4.00am daily, it doesn’t matter whether its rainy, winter, or summer season. My wife and me by holding plough and oxen on our shoulder walk towards the field. We work hard together to provide fertilizer and water to them so that they continue their unstoppable growth and blossoms into the highest level.

I take great care of my crops and dream of awesome crops. But sometimes my dreams are crushed by Nature. The Tornado, Drought or Heavy rainfall ruin my dream, I fail to protect my crops. And I fail to get back my money that I have invested. My hard work gets vanished in the soil. Since I’m poor, I have to borrow that money from the money-lenders, and I have to pay back the money earned from my crops.

But, the heavy rainfall and wind are not that much powerful to break my bond with my field and love to crops. We stand out with much more power. When people call me the “Annadata”(who gives food), my heart fills with pride for the contribution in the prosperity of the nation.

Sometimes I get very upset with our situation. But in the other hand, I also find pride in what I am as history says farmers have always stood against any torture. We always stood firm. We are the ones who feed the people of India, our motherland and all its people. Just I hope we get what we deserve in coming days.

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