Autobiography of a Peacock – Short Essay

Hi! Myself Peacock. I am writing my autobiography. I am the National Bird of India. I am shy by nature, I like the open environment, the fields, the trees, the greenery. In our family females are called “peahens” and babies are called “peachicks.”

My average lifespan in the wild is about 20 years. Since I am quite shy, I do not like Human coming close. This scares me.

What I am Proud of? I share a special relationship with Lord Krishna. He wears my feathers on his head and ties them with his flute. My ancestors only gave him the feathers. I am also the mount of Hindu God of war Murugan, also called Kartikeya, the brother of Ganesha. I symbolize grace, pride and beauty. This is the reason why India has made me its National Bird.

Some Interesting facts related to me: Lizards are afraid of my feathers and this why my feathers are placed on the walls to have lizard free room. Even though I am a bird I cannot fly high.

I love to dance before rains. My dance indicates that the rain showers are going to happen. I am not a solitary bird.

I hate those who consider me only for my feathers. I feel safer in India, as my hunting is prohibited here, and is considered a crime.

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