Autobiography of a Butterfly – Short Essay

I am a butterfly. That means, I am a fly with buttery wings. My life is beautiful just like me. I am writing my autobiography, to tell you how beautiful my life is. Before taking birth, I stayed in a cuckoo. I was stuck to the bark of a tree for several days. Then, finally, I tore out of the cuckoo and took my first flight. It was amazing to see the world. There were beautiful flowers all around me. I was astonished to see such beauty. The first thing I did was, to head straight towards the flowers and suck nectar.

The juicy nectar was awesome! However, I knew I had to be careful with flowers. There were many flowers which could harm me. I used to fly all over the place and enjoy the scenic beauty. People used to come and see with glittering eyes. I knew I am very beautiful because of my colourful wings. I used to fly near them, to show them how beautiful and pretty I am. I used to sit on their small one’s head and hands, and they would just love it! Some bad people used to come to catch me and take me with them, but, my swift wings helped me to fly away from their reach.

Soon, I got a friend. The honeybee. She was amazing! She also loved sucking nectar out of flowers. We both used to have a binge upon the flowers and then, we used to rest on the trees. My friend, honeybee used to produce honey from the nectar. Indeed we were a perfect match for each other. She used to talk so much! Her buzzing was incessant! She never used to stop!

She cared for me very much. Once, there were some people who came to catch butterflies. I was nearly inside their net and she came for my redemption. She stung those people with her sting and they went away writhing with pain.

I am writing this biography, sitting beside her, and she is helping me out with her sweeter than honey words. My life is indeed, a beautiful one.

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