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Advantages and disadvantages of Nanotechnology: Today in our everyday life we only see and work with the things present around us normally tangible. Therefore it becomes an impossible task to see nano things that influence our life a lot. The best example of tiny things around us is the coronavirus which we cannot see through our naked eyes but scientists have proved and told us the consequences and symptoms that had made it possible to save thousands of lives on earth with such a pandemic situation. This is done through nanotechnology that has been introduced by scientists and used in the field of science like physics, chemistry, biology, material science, etc.

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What is Nanotechnology? Advantages and Disadvantages of Nanotechnology 2022

Nanotechnology is a study of incredibly small things around us. This technology or science has proved beneficial in various fields like chemistry, biology, engineering, etc. It’s a study conducted at the nanoscale( 1 to 100 nanometers).

We know very well about the study of atoms and molecules, the smallest particle of any product. With the help of nanotechnology, we could see these atoms and molecules which are impossible to see through the naked eye. With the help of a microscope, this phenomenon has become more reliable and effective. Scientists who have the right equipment nowadays are discovering ways to make nanoscale products so that the efficiency and effectiveness of a product could be increased. This technology has been used for centuries by artists in many medieval churches. But originally, The father of nanotechnology was Physicist Richard Feynman.

This nanotechnology although seems beneficial in many cases but has drawbacks too. Let’s go through some of it.

Advantages of Nanotechnology

Let’s briefly discuss the advantages of Nanotechnology.

  1. It brought about a great change in electronic commodities: The electronic commodities which we use today are mostly made through nanotechnology. No one ever imagined the size of the chip which contains thousands of memory is only a few centimeters. The complex circuit design has completed the chip essential and made it portable for people to carry any electronic item from one place to another. Now we no longer use supercomputers for simple calculations but a small smartphone to do even complex calculations.
  2. Blessing for the medical field: Nanotechnology has improved medical fieldwork a lot. Now it’s easy to discover the disease and also find out the ways through which that disease could be treated. Medical science has made the best use of nanotechnology and developed various drugs to cure incurable diseases of olden times like cancer. Hence Nanotechnology is a boon for the medical field.
  3. Manufacturing advantages: Nowadays manufacturing concerns require nanoproducts like nanotubes, nanoparticles, etc. which are durable, strong, and lighter than the products which are not prepared with the help of nanotechnology. Therefore nanotechnology has changed the manufacturing scenario and made it much more advantageous to them.
  4. Energy generation: Nanotechnology has been a boon in the energy generation sector. There have been many energy-efficient storage devices like batteries, cells, etc. These all have turned out to be energy-saving devices and made human life better.
  5. Disease treatment is possible to a great extent: Nanotechnology has aided a lot in the field of the treatment of diseases. Various equipment, instruments have been used to cure various incurable illnesses and diseases. It’s easy to diagnose the ailment through nanotechnology. After diagnosis, it becomes far easier to treat the disease and help the patient to recover soon from the ailment.
  6. Diagnostic equipment has improved: Many types of equipment that were huge and not portable are now easily available to any severely diseased person and can be diagnosed. Many times the hidden disease is diagnosed and treated with the help of nanotechnology.

Disadvantages of Nanotechnology

Let us see a few disadvantages briefly.

  1. Negative Impact on Environment: With the advance of nanotechnology pollution has also been increased due to the nanoparticle produced during the making of various drugs, atomic bombs, etc. Hence nanotechnology has a deep impact on the environment. Many diseases have not only affected humans but also the creatures living in such environments.
  2. Unemployment may prevail: Due to innovation in science and technology human labor work has been reduced a lot and many times people have to lose their job as their place has been taken up by technology. Especially in the field of chemistry, engineering nanotechnology has increased the scope of machines and reduced labor-intensive work.
  3. Economical imbalance: As the value of oil and diamonds and many more have been reduced the economy has to face fluctuation as many alternative sources have been introduced that are more efficient and don’t require any fuel.
  4. Hazardous weapons accessible: Many weapons produced through nanotechnology are hazardous and vulnerable to people. Now to gain more power, countries use various weapons. With nanotechnology, it became easy for a nation to produce and use weapons like atom bombs to destroy the enemy. One such hazardous day was when Nagasaki and Hiroshima faced the nuclear explosion, leaving people vulnerable.
  5. Costly: Nanotechnology although a boon in medicine, engineering, material science fields is expensive as the technology requires huge funds to operate and the raw material required is also costly. Hence the overall procurement of technology for an ordinary man becomes expensive.
  6. Negative impact on people’s health: The health of people is deeply affected due to nuclear emission of harmful gases. The events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are examples of atomic attacks that have already affected people’s health for many generations. Even now the young generation is facing nuclear reactions ailments.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nanotechnology 2

Comparative Table of Advantages and Disadvantages of Nanotechnology

Advantages of NanotechnologyDisadvantages of Nanotechnology
It brought about a great change in electronic commodities.Negative impact on Environment
Blessing for the medical fieldUnemployment may prevail
Manufacturing advantagesEconomical imbalance
Energy generationHazardous weapons accessible
Disease treatment is possible to a great extentCostly
Diagnostic equipment has improvedNegative impact on peoples health

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nanotechnology 1

FAQ’s on Pros and Cons of Nanotechnology

Question 1.

What do you mean by Nanotechnology?


Nanotechnology is a science of studying extremely small things often measured in nanoscale.

Question 2.

How does nanotechnology affect the environment?


With the rapid use of nanotechnology, the nano hazardous particles also move around the whole atmosphere which pollutes the environment.

Question 3.

What are the advantages of nanotechnology?


Nanotechnology brought about a great change in electronic commodities. It is a blessing for the medical field Manufacturing advantages. It helps in energy generation.  Medical treatment is possible to a great extent and also diagnostic equipment has improved because of nanotechnology.

Question 4.

What are the disadvantages of nanotechnology?


Nanotechnology has a negative impact on the environment.  Unemployment may prevail due to the excess use of nanotechnology. Hazardous weapons are accessible. Nanotechnology is costly to use.  Negative impact on people’s health

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