A Memorable Day – Short Essay

I was selected in my school’s cricket team as an opening batsman and I was really nervous. I still remember that day when my coach called me up and told that I am in for the next match.

It was a memorable day for me. I prepared all day long a day before the match. I had to hit a big score to make myself permanent in the opening position. I practiced all kinds of shots. I practiced front foot shots for the pace bowlers and back foot shots for the spinners. I trained myself for any possible challenge coming my way.

I knew it is not going to be easy because the opponent team had the two fastest bowlers in the whole of the city. They were tall gigantic and settled for nothing less than a wicket in the start of the innings. I knew I had to watch the ball well to contain their pace and bounce. I never slept the whole night before the match day. I was making tactics in my mind. I was running through all the possible shots I can play without getting out. There were butterflies tingling inside my stomach. I was clearly nervous. With very nominal sleep, I woke up early and had my breakfast and headed straight towards the ground.

I was the first to reach the ground. I saw all the preparations that were happening for the match. I knew there is going to be a big crowd for watching this crucial encounter. I saw the pitch was a dry one. It was clearly indicating that it is a treat for the fast bowlers and the ball is going to bounce. I went to a side of the ground and started practicing my shots. Soon the team started coming and the toss happened. We won the toss and chose to bowl. Our bowlers put up a poor performance and we had to chase a mammoth total. I came to bat with my partner. I was a bit tentative in the start. But I stayed there and went off to make a century! That was really a memorable day for me. Since then, I became a permanent member of the team.

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