My Christmas Celebration – Short Essay

Christmas is a global occasion when the world comes together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a time of giving and sharing with our loved ones. I was fortunate enough to experience the joy at my Christmas celebration last year.

Last December we found out that a blizzard unlike any other seen before had emerged from the East. As a result, thunderstorms and rain showers were fiercer than ever. We were advised by our boarding school to stay indoors. The prompt closing of highways to protect citizens was also announced. None of us would get to go home in December for our winter holidays.

Despite this news, our morale was still at an all-time high. We gossiped relaxed and played games. But it was quickly realized that our Christian friends were rather low in spirits. Christmas was their one precious time with family and they missed it terribly. We decided to do something to cheer them up.

After securing approval from the Dean we began to plan a secret Christmas party. All resources were pooled into one place. We took four days of careful planning into action on Christmas Eve. The Christian friends were kept distracted by a couple of students while the rest of us began to organize the party. Gifts were wrapped with silly messages, we secured lights and party decoration from the school depository. The chefs were requested to cook a festive meal. We decorated the auditorium in a couple of hours. Set up tables for games and drinks. The school gardener arranged for a tree. We had loads of fun stringing up lights and stars on it. By dinner time the unsuspecting friends were led into the auditorium.

“Merry Christmas!” we all shouted gleefully.

They were completely taken by surprise. A look of pure joy came over them. We were very loud with our explanations and everyone was screaming, hugging and crying. That night we sang carols, we danced, exchanged gifts and laughed a lot. None of us slept a wink. We took lots of pictures and called our families. The spirit of Christmas had infected us all with cheer and benevolence. It was my most memorable Christmas celebration.

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