Weed Control in Industrial Area and Cities

Weed Control in Industrial Area and Cities

Industrial Areas:

Mowing, burning, uprooting, tillage and chemical control is adopted.
Chemical sterilization with boron, Arsenic compound, Sodium chlorate, substituted ureas, trizines can be used for weed control.

Weeds in Cities:

a. They disturb the beauty of city.

b. They may cause fever.

c. When dry may cause fire hazard.

d. Cause allergy to man.

The mechanical methods for their control are burning, mowing, hand pulling, ploughing and chemicals are used.

Non – toxic soil sterilents like ordinary salt, Borax, Chlorates, Monuron and Simazine are used where no vegetative growth is wanted. Diesel, oil and other oils are applied as fine spray.

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