Zoos: Short Essay on Zoos

Zoos or Zoological parks are places where a variety of animals are kept in enclosures.

Zoos have a large variety of animals, birds and often fish and other water animals for display. The primary objective for an aquarium is to study these animals and make advancements in biological research. However, for an ordinary man, it is the entertainment value of a zoo, especially for children that make zoos popular. It is also an education cum entertainment adventure for children.

They can have a variety of animals ranging from Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, Monkeys; even reptiles like Comodo Dragons, Iguanas; and birds such as Ostriches, Flamingos, Parrots, and Peacocks. Some zoos even boast collections of Butterflies. Water animals like Seals, Sea Lions, Sharks and Dolphins also can be found in zoos among other animals. The zoo experience is a delight for children and an opportunity to learn about the animal kingdom too.

Animals are safe within the zoo facility because they get proper food and shelter. Each animal has its own area so they can live with their community.

A zoo is also a great place because it gives children and adults a chance to see their favorite animals in real life. It is perfect for children when they are trying to learn about animals. Seeing them in the zoon makes it easier and more fun to remember about animals.

The zoo is a great learning place for everyone. The zoo provides a lot of information about different animal species that exist across the world. It teaches benevolence and generosity towards animals. When children learn about animals and see how they live, they understand and empathize with them more.

However, in recent times, some people consider zoos as inhuman because they feel that the animal is taken away from its natural habitat and trapped in an enclosure severely restricting its natural movements, all for the sake of being on display.

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