Tennis Essay for Students in English

What is an Essay?

We all know that a pen is always mightier than a sword but the pen is not always effective if the writer is not able to frame his thoughts in a broad aspect. Though we all feel that writing inspiring words that help us grow the mindset and knowledge about people’s inspiration alone cannot be enough. We need to focus on the facts, grammar and a lot more things while writing and writing essays. And now we’ll be discussing such tips and tricks for writing an effective essay.

Steps for Writing an Inspiring Essay

  1. Have a clear understanding of the topic: Read the topic and understand what is expected from you over those words. Know exactly what is expected from you over the title and then dissect the idea into parts to think of prompt ideas for writing.

  2. Create a plan: Start brainstorming your ideas, organize your thoughts this will help you get a good overview of the topic and help you write an effective essay easily. A good idea is to make a hierarchical plan about the paragraphs you plan to write to support your ideas and give details about the same.

  3. Research: Here comes the most enthralling part of writing an essay. You need to at least go through 8-7 well-cited resources to get a brief idea of how to write your content. Use more idioms. phrases and quotes to make your essay more informative and quality worthy. While doing this make sure you never use someone else’s ideas as it is in your essay. SAY NO TO PLAGIARISM.

  4. Prepare a draft: Tadaaa! Now comes the part where we have to work our minds off and write down the brainstorming ideas into a well-formed informative essay. Usually, the first draft is considered as crap but if we work and organize our thoughts well using good informative words then our crappy ideas might turn out to be a gold gem.

  5. Make a good thesis: Now comes the important part of writing our strong ideas into the essay.

  6. Respond to the final prompts: The last moment kinks are always welcomed. If you’ve any last moment thoughts, add them up in the draft and get ready for the final round of writing your essay.

  7. Proofreading: This is an essential part. You must always read your essay at least twice to check if the sentences are well-formed and there are no grammatical errors in them.


Essay on Tennis

Tennis is a widely popular outdoor game which is being played in all regions of the world. Tennis was first played in the mid 19th century in Birmingham, England. Tennis has several variations in how it is played which include lawn tennis, table tennis, etc. Similar to cricket and soccer, tennis is a physically demanding sport. In this essay on tennis in English, how the sport influences one’s body and the effects it has on their body and mental health are discussed.


The Tennis Essay: All You Need to Know About the Sport 

Tennis is a kind of racket sport that is beneficial to one’s body in many regards. Although the majority of people concentrate on sports like cricket or football when they are young, oftentimes they cannot participate in those sports as they become older. However, tennis can be played and enjoyed by a wide group of people ranging from the very young to older people.


Here are Some of the Benefits of Playing Tennis

By playing tennis, one can acquire a better physique. Due to the several movements which are involved in the act of playing tennis, it is incredibly helpful in resulting in a better physique for one who plays tennis continually over a long period. 

Playing tennis results in a person having improved aerobic capacities as tennis is a physically demanding game that calls for an immense level of flexibility among its players.

Consistent practice of tennis helps in maintaining one’s blood pressure which further results in improved metabolism.

Tennis is a sport which can be played by people of different ages depending on their levels of stamina and the activeness of their bodies. Thus, tennis is a great physical activity for older people and it’s supremely enjoyable amongst people of all ages. 

One of the key advantages of a racket game like tennis is its list of required equipment which only includes a ball, a racket, and a net. Along with a ground to play in. Thus, it doesn’t require a ton of equipment or protective gear which makes tennis a readily playable sport. 

Tennis is an extremely helpful sport to reduce body weight, along with swimming. Because of the intense physical demand of this sport, tennis is considered one of the most effective sports for people with the desire of losing body weight.

Another advantage of playing tennis involves improving the reaction time of people. Because of the quick nature of the action, tennis helps increase the reaction time amongst its players.

Apart from these health benefits, tennis is also an effective way of reducing stress among people. According to various studies, playing tennis reduces stress and increases levels of happiness among people, especially older people. Studies prove that due to the physically demanding nature of tennis, it is helpful to people who experience stress. Tennis is also considered an extremely profitable career choice among people. 

Tennis players like Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic are among the highest-earning sports persons in the world. Thus, the career of playing tennis is a profitable one as it can potentially earn its players relatively large amounts of wealth to establish and support their lifestyles. Along with considerable money, tennis also opens up several doors of recognition for its players. Professional tennis players are recognized and adored worldwide by legions of people which include those who admire them and are influenced by them. 


Types of Tennis Courts

  • Clay courts: These types of courts slow down the ball resulting in the ball bouncing higher compared to grass or hard courts. They are made from stone and crushed shale.

  • Grass courts: Fastest type of courts that consist of grass grown on hard-packed soil. These are high maintenance courts and have to be watered often and take a long time to dry. It’s difficult to play on such courts during the rainy season.

  • Hard courts: Made from a rigid material and are covered by acrylic surface layer thus offering higher consistency for bouncing of the ball.

  • Carpet courts: Any removable court covering. Used in the indoor arenas.

Interesting Facts

  • Tennis originated from ‘ Jeu de Paume’ which was played in France. Jeu de paume was a game played in the 12th century in France and was known as the game of palm. It is believed to be the forerunner of the sport.

  • Do you know? The oldest tennis stadium is located in London. The name of the stadium is Royal Tennis Court, which is a court palace in Hampton.

  • The scoring system is based on the clock face at one end of the court. The origins are 15,30 and 40 respectively. 

  • The US Open was won by Jimmy Connors on three different surfaces.

  • In a standard match, a tennis ball is usually played in the stadium for straight 20 minutes.


The Essay on Tennis: A Wrap-up

From the points that have been discussed and presented in this tennis essay, the benefits of the sport are clear. Tennis benefits a multitude of people in several different ways, ranging from health to social relations. Regular practice of the game helps to maintain and improve the physical fitness of an individual and helps reduce stress.


A Short Essay on Tennis

An Essay on My Favorite Game Tennis

Tennis is an outdoor game that is popular worldwide and played all over the globe. Several health benefits result from playing tennis, along with mental and social benefits. In this short essay on tennis, those benefits are discussed.


The Key Points

Due to its physically demanding nature, tennis is considered beneficial to the improvement of bodily fitness among people. Due to its various movements, tennis is proven to be helpful to people with stress reduction. The following part of my favorite sport tennis essay states the health benefits of the outdoor game:

  • Playing tennis results in achieving a better physique due to its various bodily movements.

  • Tennis results in better maintenance of human metabolism and blood pressure levels.

  • Tennis is incredibly helpful in losing body weight in people due to its intense physical nature.

  • Playing tennis helps increase aerobic capacities.

  • Tennis helps in improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

  • Tennis helps us improve reaction time as it makes us quite active people.

  • The above points in the tennis essay in English summarize the benefits of tennis in improving people’s physical agility and mental health.  

  • Tennis is a highly profitable career choice as professional players like Serena Williams and Roger Federer are among the highest-earning sports persons in the world.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who Invented Tennis?

Major Walter Wingfield invented the current version of tennis in 1873.

2. What are the four Grand Slams in Tennis?

The four Grand Slam tournaments in tennis are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

3. Who are the Top Three Singles Tennis Players in the World?

The top three rankings in Singles tennis are-


  • Novak Djokovic

  • Rafael Nadal

  • Dominic Thiem 

4. What are the cons of playing tennis?

The cons of playing tennis are:

1. The cost of tennis equipment can be costly.

2. There are a short number of tennis courts.

3. It takes time to learn and motivation might become a problem.

4. It’s not a team sport and hence pressure can be high on an individual.

5. You can learn basics on your own but for next-level training, you need to hire a coach which can be expensive.

6. Talent plays an important factor and you may hate being active for way too long.

5. What are different types of tennis matches?

The tennis matches are played in 2 formats. The first ones are standard matches played casually or during official tournaments. They are played either as singles(Played between two men and two women but when played between a man and women then considered as informal), doubles(two teams consisting of two team players) or mixed doubles(similar to doubles but has one woman and one man in each team). The next is other formal matches and these are played as Canadian doubles.

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