Short Essay on ‘Save Trees’ for Students

Save Trees: Short Essay on ‘Save Trees’ for Students

‘Save trees’ is the slogan of a campaign, which is used for motivating the people about saving trees and planting more trees in there surrounding areas by spreading the importance of trees among the people.This aims to reduce the deforestation and the cutting down of trees.

Trees are very important in our life as they are providing water and food. Life is very difficult without trees, or we can say that life will be extinct without trees. Trees are very important as they give us a healthy and wealthy life.

‘Save trees’ is a very important social awareness campaign that has gained popularity nowadays. This has also been included in the student’s life through the syllabus of their study.

Adverse Effects of Cutting Trees

Cutting of trees has brought on severely adverse effects on the environment.

  • Within a decade of urban development by cutting down trees, areas have known to have temperatures that were several degrees higher than normal. Saving trees would not have led to that effect.
  • The beauty of the place before felling trees is entirely altered, so it is better to keep the trees.
  • Birds have been displaced by rampant cutting of trees and the ecosystem is affected adversely. Replanting or saving further trees can control and reverse this and return the blessings of nature.
  • Save trees has started as an awareness drive whereby every effort is made to keep the trees intact and build roads or buildings around them.
  • This needs planning and sometimes replanting that tree elsewhere more convenient but that is a complicated process and not necessarily successful.
  • More and more areas are being brought under the protection of ‘Biological Reserves’ to prevent the trees from being cut.
  • Save trees to let the children know the joys of natural life by climbing them, swinging on the branches, rather than be cooped up in a room with a gadget.


We cannot consider that ‘save trees’ is just only a slogan, but it is a responsibility, which everyone needs to follow on this earth. It is a huge opportunity for all of us to save the healthy environment and maintain the ecological balance by saving trees. Trees are considered as the symbol of life on earth, and it is a natural home for many people and wild animals. Trees must be saved at any cost to reverse the effects of modernization where industrialization, urbanization and global warming are going up very fast.

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