Short Essay on Greenhouse Effect for Students

What is the Greenhouse effect?

The Greenhouse effect is the process in which the surface of the Earth gets heated because of the Sun’s Energy and the role of the Earth’s atmosphere in this process.

The Sun’s Energy passes through space and reaches the Earth. This heats up the Earth’s surface. In addition, this Energy also heats up the Earth’s atmosphere. Normally without the atmosphere, the Earth would have cooled down faster. But because of the atmosphere this process is slowed down and the Earth manages to retain the Heat Energy for a longer period of time. This Heat Energy is vital for maintenance of all life.

What are greenhouse gases?

The Earth’s atmosphere contains gases that absorb and radiate heat energy. The greenhouse effect is a result of the presence of these gases. The important greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere are Carbon-di-oxide, Ozone, Methane, Water vapour and Nitrous oxide. These greenhouse gases are also present in the atmosphere of some other planets in our Solar System.

What is the connection between the Greenhouse effect and Global warming?

With the industrial revolution, human civilization has started using natural resources at an alarming rate like never before. This has led to faster consumption of resources like trees, plants, forest ecosystems, etc. which were responsible for the balance of the cooling process of the Earth. At the same time there is excess heat generated due to excess burning of various kinds of fuels daily. Because of this environmental impact, the Greenhouse effect gets exaggerated and this is one explanation for the Global warming phenomenon. Another explanation for the Global warming phenomenon, is the excess production of Carbon-di-oxide, due to the Industrial Revolution. This has increased the rate of Greenhouse effect, in a dangerous way for all life forms.

Greenhouse effect is vital for the existence of all life forms; though its effect on Global Warming is a cause for concern.

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