Short Essay on Farmer for Students


Farmer as a profession has existed in human life from the early beginnings of human civilization in all regions of the world.

A farmer is basically a person whose profession and source of income is to grow food crops. There are many variations across geographies and periods of time, in the process of farming, also called agriculture. But the core element of farming remains the same, and is by and large considered a vital profession for every social structure. Because food is a basic need for all human beings, and farmers are the food-growers of our civilization.

In some civilizations, like the ancient Indian, Chinese and Egyptian civilization, farmer was also considered a form of god and worshiped for the same reason.


The work of a farmer involves the following steps:

Tilling the soil

If the land is undergoing regular cycles of farming, then the land sometimes becomes over utilized in terms of the oxygen and minerals that the plants need to derive from it. So the farmer needs to till the land that is the soil needs to be up-turned and exposed to the air so that it can get re-oxygenated. The soil also needs to be fertilized so that the minerals and supportive elements for plant growth are replenished in the soil.

Sowing seeds

Depending on the crop to be grown, the farmer chose and sows particular seeds in the soil. The farmer knows it is important to pay attention to the seasonal timing and weather while sowing. Because each season has a different temperature, humidity and climatic conditions. And over centuries of farming there is enough evidence to support which season is best for the germination and growth of seeds to saplings.

Irrigation and growth of the crop

Either the farmer resorts to natural irrigation due to rains, if the season is suitable or he makes separate arrangements to provide a stable external water supply to the plants as they grow into strong and healthy crops. These crops then bear the fruit of the grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. that is grown by the farmer. These crops are then taken off the plants, cleaned and sold in the market by the farmer.

The profession of a farmer is one of the most vital for human existence

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