Short Essay My Favourite Sportsman – Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket has been the most successful sport for India. Indian team has been on top for many years now in cricket. Their constant habit to win has kept them on the zenith of the cricketing world. Over the years, India has produced some great cricketers who have baffled the cricketing world with some amazing performances. The greatest cricketer and, my favourite sportsman, Sachin Tendulkar is the most precious gem that India has produced. The little master. The master blaster. The God of cricket.

There are many epithets for this great personality. From the moment he stepped on the cricketing field as a 16 years old small bloke, he has continued to amaze the world with his performances.

I have grown watching him on the field and with the bat. The way he used to come to the crease and take the guard, the way he used to take the stance, the way he used to poise his back-lift, the way he used to follow through after his shots, I have been imitating him since my childhood. He is a born legend. The way he used to play fast bowlers like Glenn Mcgrath and Brett Lee was just superb. He used to move to the front foot and play strokes to these breathtaking fast bowlers! Nobody would play a better straight drive and cover drive than the little master himself! The way he used to shape his innings was just sheer class. He used to play in a very focused manner and he wouldn’t get exhausted because of batting for long hours. The hunger for scoring big and taking India home was untameable in him. He used to stand there until the victory is assured.

Though he was such a great player, and the whole world admired him, he never used to boast and brag about himself. He was very humble and modest. He was on the field just to play for his country and he never used to fight and sledge any other player. His loyalty towards the game and country made him the best cricketer in the whole world.

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