Recycling: Short Essay on Recycling



To reuse a material or a substance is known as Recycling. It is a very healthy habit and is a very cost effective strategy.

Recycle substance originate from the used ones. This trend has been growing rapidly now in the eastern world also. Everyone should adopt it.

Types of Recycling:

There are many forms of recycling. Some of them are:

1: Household recycling: This type of recycling is for everyone. It starts at individual level. It’s a basic step. Using water bottles and shopping bags again in daily life is a biggest example of it. It saves ones energy and time. One basic thing can be used for many purposes. It benefits you and in a larger term to the society.

2: Industrial Recycling: Many industries like paper, wood and other material factories use waste material to be used as their starting point. Sugarcane bagasse is used in many sugar industries which is a waste crudeproduct of sugarcane juice. Moreover many countries in the world are producing electricity from the trash and rubbish.

Examples of items which can be trashed:

  • Paper
  • Pulp of fruit
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Waste of household

Recycling Plants:

To recycle a small substance you need proper machinery and a setup. This is not thing which one can do while eating chips at home. So proper time and engineering skills are needed. This industry is growing rapidly in the world and countries are allocating special amounts in their budgets for this cause

Importance of Recycling:

It is a very good initiative whosoever takes it. It gives you a new product using the old one which you take as a trash. It teaches us the importance of money and time. Annually many dollars are saved if you consider and do recycling at even a smaller level. This will save money for your children and you can buy and afford more stuff. In a real scenario it affects everyone.


So recycling in a nutshell is a very noble cause. Investors should see this as a way to expand their business and must invest in this sector. This will in turn make tour country and economy more strong. Moreover plastic which is a non-environmental friendly material on this earth will be used for other purposes. This harmful material will be utilized to make new eco-friendly products.

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