Picnic: Short Essay on Picnic for Students

Essay on My School Picnic | My School Picnic Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on My School Picnic: It’s no surprise that Schools are a second home to the children and an important part when they grow up in their lives. Schools became a place where a child learns how to dream, and how to follow the steps that lead to his destination in Life.

But Among the vigorous hard-working days, Even the students yearn for a break where they can laugh limitlessly and find ways to succeed seamlessly. Here we have presented short and Long Essays on ‘My School Picnic’ with pointers at the End to help them frame the Idea of the Essays.

What is Picnic:  A picnic is usually an outing with friends or family as an amusement in pleasant locations such as parks, woods or near a river etc. where a meal is shared.

Picnic can also refer to eating packed lunches outside. A picnic is much looked forward to, especially on days when the weather is good and comfortable to be spent outside.

Picnic, although is to be had somewhere as an outing can, in some cases referred to eating out in one’s garden on a mat or a sheet to keep all the goodies on.

Origin of Picnics :  The origin of picnics is thought to have come from the French word pique-nique meaning ‘picking’ ‘little things ( to eat)’ where people got together socially with small things contributed for the meal outdoors. In English, the use of the word picnic is known to have been used first by Lord Chesterfield in 1748.

Picnics are more an amusement or activities of leisure rather than the eat-outs by farmers. They may be potluck although not necessarily so.

Picnics with friends

Picnics with friends are a fun because one gets to play and have a lot of fun with them in a locale that is new for such an activity. School picnics are much looked forward to because the children and the teachers find themselves in a much more relaxed atmosphere as against the rigours of a classroom life. New friendships are made or old friends make better bonds. Picnic food and games, however simple they might be; are a treat. For others too, picnics with friends are a way to relax all stresses and to loosen up.

Picnics with family

Picnics with family have their share of fun. Parents are especially relaxed and may let some rules relax too for the children to have fun. Whether you are a child or a grown-up, picnics are a great way to bond with parents. Elderly parents will treasure being made a part of the family fun. Uncles, aunts and cousins make the picnics livelier by all the pampering and the extra ice-creams that are usually allowed. Having a barbecue picnic for the entire family can be a fun way to include everyone in the cooking as much as eating.


Picnics are a great way to spend a day with friends or family when the weather is pleasant.

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