My Garden Essay

Essay on My Garden

According to me, the garden is the best place in a house. It is the place where someone can sit for a while and unwind amidst nature and feel refreshed. The oxygen in the air, sunlight flooding the entire stretch of the open space, the sweet fragrance from the flowers, and the chirping of birds- everything seems to come together to create a cacophony that is magical and therapeutic on the human mind. Nowadays, not too many houses are blessed with a garden. But if one wants to live a peaceful life, he must consider getting a garden for his own abode. 

The Plants In My Garden

In my garden, there are various types of plants. Some are flowering plants, some bear fruits and vegetables, while there are some other plants which look simply adorable because of the sheer beauty of their leaves. The flowers that adorn my garden are rose, sunflower, lily, and chrysanthemum. The garden looks stunning when the flowers are in full bloom.  


I have cultivated many vegetables in my garden with the help of my grandfather. Tomato, brinjal, ladies finger, and green chilly are among them. I am trying to make my garden an organic garden so that we don’t have to depend upon vegetables bought from the markets. These vegetables that I grow have several health benefits besides being fresh and chemical-free. 


There is soft grass all over my garden. The grass is maintained properly and trimmed on a regular basis. This makes the garden an ideal place for different exercises. I like to walk in bare feet in my garden only because of the soft grass cover. Moreover, there is a swing in my garden where I can spend hours swinging on it. I don’t get bored doing any activities in my garden. When it is a holiday, I spend my entire day in my garden doing various activities. 

The Gardener

My grandfather is the gardener of my garden. His most favourite place in the house is the garden. He spends his entire day there. He is a perfect example of a true nature lover. He not only experiments with the plants of the garden but also takes care of them like his own children. He brought some unique varieties of flowers last week like climbers, bulbs and perennials. My garden turns out to be the brightest of all because of the flowers. The trimming of the grasses is done by me and I am the only person on whom my grandfather depends a lot. 


Every day I wake up with the chirping of the birds. My garden is the safe shelter of various birds. I don’t even know the name of all the birds. Various birds such as the sparrow, pigeon, Indian myna, cuckoo etc come to my garden in the morning. On a rare occasion, one or two migratory birds also pay a visit to my garden. At that time, all the members of my family assemble to observe the beauty of those birds. We treat them like our special guests and offer seeds and water to eat/drink. 


My favourite place in my house is the garden. I have developed an emotional attachment with this small stretch of greenery. Last year my garden was totally destroyed by the super cyclone. That incident made me very sad. But I, along with my grandfather, created the garden more beautifully by working day and night diligently. Gardening and seeing the plants bloom gives me the amazing feeling of creating something new.

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