My Favourite Subject Essay

Essay on My Favourite Subject

We start school. We are introduced to many subjects. There are some subjects that we are scared of. There are some subjects that we are comfortable with. And then there is that one subject that is closer to our heart. For me, that is science or Physics, as some may call it.


Why do I like Physics?

We live in this world. I believe everything that happens in this world has a ‘why’ behind it. I love to find the ‘why’ behind things. And Physics helps me do just that. Years ago, a man questioned why things fall down and do not go up. He did not stop till he uncovered the truth that there happens to be forced within the celestial bodies that attract things. That man was Isaac Newton. And no, there was no internet or even authoritative books on Physics back then. He realised the fact by using his brain and the little prior research of others that was available to him. This is the beauty of Physics. A sharp mind is all that is needed to question the phenomena of nature. 


Another reason that Physics is my favourite subject is the fact that it requires very little rote learning. One has to understand the basic theory behind anything that pertains to science. If I want to know why the sky is blue, I do not need to memorise anything. My teachers just have to tell me that the blue part of the sunlight is scattered more by the molecules in the air through which the sunlight passes. If I understand this cause and effect relation correctly, I will not forget it.


I also love science because it helps the poor. Earlier, a farmer had to work hard to grow crops, but now with advanced tractors and other scientific tools, he can grow the same amount of crops doing much less work.


Importance of Physics in our Life

Without our knowledge in science or Physics, we would still be living like cavemen. From the discovery of fire to the invention of wheels – everything happened thanks to our innate love for science; what if an unconscious one. Science can be the synonym for progress. No science, no progress. Every modern electronic equipment – from computers to rockets, from mobiles to street lights – everything needs electricity. And this electricity is also a gift of science!


The beauty of science is it starts from the basics and then it builds up to focus on the more advanced aspects. When Newton discovered gravity, he first thought about why things fall down. However, he soon used the same theory of gravity to reveal that it is the gravitational attraction of the Earth that prevented the moon from straying away from its orbit.


My Favorite Subject Essay

The students can present this essay in different ways depending on which subject they like; some ways to write a good essay is provided below.



English has been my favourite subject since the beginning of my studious life. I have always enjoyed reading, writing, and researching about the many concepts that occurred to me. Reading and understanding English literature has developed not just my critical thinking skills but has also helped in my overall character development. It has made me humble and knowledgeable about various universal concepts that not everyone is conscious of. Studying English literature makes me perceive the world in a manner that is way different from others. 


Not to mention that English literature is a vast field having innumerable career opportunities. There are many things to choose from, such as becoming an editor, a writer, a content marketer, a researcher, and the list goes on. English allows me to think creatively, out of the box, or allows me to create something new whilst staying in the box; it increases my communication skills and enables me to interpret things according to my own terms. Hence, I love the subject and cherish the values that stay with me while studying English literature.



My favourite subject is mathematics; since the beginning of my school life, I have always enjoyed solving mathematical equations. I love the subject, also because I always excel in my class, making my mathematics teacher and parents proud. When I am solving mathematical problems, I feel like my brain is getting a much-needed exercise as compared to other subjects, which I find a little burdensome because they require a lot of memorising as they are mostly theory. I have always been good with numbers and I love to manipulate and play with numbers.


After continuously studying and solving mathematical equations for a period of time, I can feel the improvements I have made in other subjects as well. This is because solving mathematical equations has improved my thinking critical and analytical skills, which are extremely important skills that one should possess. I love solving all arithmetic operations on numbers and I am always keen on handling more difficult problems as they help me realise my potential. When I grow up, I aspire to be a mathematician and maybe discover new theories or formulas and contribute my findings to this field.



Science is one of my favourite subjects in school, nowadays science and technology go hand-in-hand as there is no technology without science and there is no science without technology. Today we are surrounded by various things that have a scientific explanation of existing or behaving in a particular way. For example, the friction between our shoes and the floor, there is a science behind the flying of birds, the running water that we get in our taps, the concepts of dawn and dusk are also part of science that is taught in this discipline in schools.


I have always been curious to know about how certain things are happening around me and therefore studying science soothes my curiosity. Studying scientific theories help me reach a logical explanation of every incident that I observe in my day to day life.


There has been a lot of advancements that have taken place in the field of science in recent years such as, In 2020, scientists found plastic-eating bacteria, they have found ways to produce snow by cloud seeding, some of the scientific studies show that around the year 2070 we will experience and unliveable heat if we go on exploiting and destroying nature, even the covid vaccinations are a product of extensive research in science that has saved innumerable people on earth from the threat of covid-19.


Scientific advancement is extremely important for human life to grow technologically. However, we have to keep in check about the disadvantages that it is causing, such as global warming and various global threats that surround us today, because we have not been vigilant about our use of certain resources. Scientific study can also help us live in an eco-friendly manner.


I would love to become a scientist when I grow up as I want to help scientists achieve a permanently eco-friendly way of living that can help save the world.


Science-related subjects are not just about dealing with dry theories and reasons behind natural matters and events. Such subjects have taught me the value of truth. No matter how hard my elders tried, I would not have understood the value of truth without science. Galileo Galilei could have accepted the Church’s theory of the Earth’s immovability. But he did not. He chose to embrace death rather than live with a lie. I hate darkness. It is with the help of science that I can move from darkness to light – literally and figuratively. Some people enjoy languages like English and Hindi and so on, and when focused, they go on to become scholars of their own field.


Lines that can help students write an extraordinary essay are as follows-

  1. Explaining your favourite subject – for example – all subjects hold a significant value and help in the all-round development of the brain as well as character, but I find my favourite subject specifically interesting as I never get bored studying it.

  2. Write about your favourite teachers who make studying fun and easy.

  3. Write about how it helps you outside academics or how you can apply it in day to day life.

  4. If history is your favourite subject, you can frame your essay as – history helps me reminisce about my country’s past. After reading about great rulers and emperors, I get a deep sense of patriotism which makes me fall more in love with my country and heritage.

  5. Write about the specialities of your favourite subject and how it drives you to do better.


Essay Writing

Essay writing is considered extremely important in order to inculcate habits of reading, writing and critical thinking, all of these are extremely important in the overall growth of a student. The main objective of writing an essay is to basically assert the opinion or the intention of the writer on a particular topic be it academic, political, editorial, or in any other field.


Academic essay writing mainly focuses on writing in a particular way that helps to develop the mind of a student and to produce ideas or arguments using analysis, evidence, and interpretation. Essay writing also helps to develop a habit of doing thorough research before writing or starting any topic.


There are various types of essays like an argumentative essay, admissions essay, persuasive essay, compare and contrast essay, personal essay, expository essay, writing an essay for an audience. These are the many types of essays that students learn to write about their scholar years.


Here are Some of the Tips that can give you the best Results while Writing an Essay

Reading, researching, the brainstorming-this trio is extremely important while writing an essay as the first and foremost step is to exactly know what is being asked and how you will be organising your essay and dissecting it into parts.


Effective Planning- jot down the points that have to be accumulated into the essay. This will help you to base your essay around the important topics that need to be covered.


Efficient use of Resources- resources are available on the Internet to help you get a hint about how to go about your essay. Writing work cited will give you S a significant weight.


Preparing a Draft – The key to writing a detailed essay is to first prepare a draft that will help sort out your material so that you can remove any unnecessary information that is not related to the main topic.


Proofread and Revise- This is the last step of completing an essay. Before submitting the final version, students should proofread their essay and check if it is plagiarised and never submit it before revising the final version.



All the subjects help to increase knowledge about various aspects that are extremely important to know in order to survive in this world. Everyone is built differently and therefore; students choose their favourite subject according to how they perceive scholarly subjects. A favourite subject increases our curiosity to look into things more deeply and helps us contemplate various theories discovered by scientists and scholars.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I find tips to write an essay?

Tips to write an essay or easily available on the IMP website, these tips will ensure that students do not miss the critical details that go into the writing of an essay. The research team of IMP has curated notes after doing a thorough research and they have made some magnificent points that will lead students to get a good score in the examination. 

2. What is an essay?

Essays are basically considered as a piece of writing that includes the writers on personal opinions and arguments; however, the definition of an essay is vague till now as an essay sometimes overlaps with an article or a short story etc. generally, essays are known to be formal or informal essays. Formal essays are written for a serious purpose or for an organisation or are written in relation to academics, whereas informal essays mainly include personal opinions and strong arguments that reflect the thinking of the writer; they include experiences of the writer and are unconventional.

3. Why do I need to improve my essay writing skills?

Improving essay writing skills is an extremely important skill that is needed in every field. Essay writing skills increase your communication skills which help you to build a career. Good essay writing skills increase vocabulary, which then flows out in the way you speak. A good vocabulary ensures that the message you are trying to portray is clear and precise and it reaches a wider audience. Improving essay writing skills is a lifelong investment that may take a while, but you will thank yourself later for working on your writing skills.

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