My Ambition – Short Essay

Having an ambition for anything is really important, to do that thing with perfection. Without a proper, set ambition, the work can get really freestyle and without any firm interest behind it. Even a single step taken without an ambition is useless.

Ambition brings about efficiency. With set ambitions and goals, it becomes really easy to adjust time and divide work. Having small ambitions, and achieving them can also bring about a boost in self-confidence. Setting small and achievable ambitions is like step-by-step climbing a ladder, leading towards self-realization. Ambitions can become the greatest resource when there are limited or no resources. Ambition can get one working without caring for tangible things like money and physical health.

My ambition is to help people. I want to become a philanthropist. I want to throw my weight to benefit people. And for that, I set small goals. I help a certain amount of people, in any way possible. With set goals, it gets really easy for me. Otherwise, helping people can be an arduous task. One can easily get confused and stuck while trying to help people. At first, I was very enthusiastic about helping and wasn’t sensible enough. I used to get out to help people but, wouldn’t be able to do so because I used to get stuck on how can I help? In what way? And when? Then slowly, I became more sensible. I started setting goals which would help me to move about smoothly with the noble cause of helping. I would set small goals like, hugging 5 random people, giving sweets to 5 random kids, giving flowers to 5 old aged people, etc. This way, I was able to help many more people every single day.

Whenever I would achieve a goal, a sense of motivation would fill me up. It only pushed me towards achieving more and more. I would increase the number of people I would help, day by day. This turned out perfect for me and now, I am living my ambition of helping people everyday which makes me utterly happy and delighted. I hope I could continue to do so in the future.

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